Here is our protest and remedy for this global issue “DI” – Digital Identity “ The Next Generation of Business Card”

Bengaluru, 24th Oct, 2018:

How many Trees are are being cut every Minute?

It is estimated that rainforest are being cut down at the rate of 100 trees per minute, the rates of rainforest destruction are 2.4 acres per Second,
149 acres per minute, 214,000 acres per day,and 78 Million acres per year
That is around 7 billion trees in a Year.

It is understandable that our lifestyle is in such a way we can not stop these practice of using furniture or papers etc.

This made Town Technologies into a Research on what else can be done to reduce the ratio of cutting down trees and this is what we found out

We wanted to scream out to the society
We Had Trees, Save A PaPer
(Time to Chat about it)

This is what we found in businesses.
Since years and years it has been a practice of exchanging trade card later called as visiting card or so called business card.

There is nothing wrong in exchanging a paper card but the problem is once a person receives a so called business card he uses it not more than 2 times even this practice is also perfectly alright!

But the problem is as it a small bit of paper,people ignore in understanding the seriousness of recycling this small paper card.

Beyond all these why is it important that every businessman to spend minimum of Rs.1 just for a use and throw visiting card which is not reused?
It is estimated that just 8% of the visiting card are returned for recycling we need a really remedy to work on this 92% of Human habit in recycling business Card

Here is our protest and remedy for this global issue
“DI” – Digital Identity
“ The Next Generation of Business Card”

DI is a url link: it can identity an individual or a legal Entity with all its Media Visibility
It is a reality that very business is trying its best to be in the front line of the Digital world, Eg in Google, Local Search Engines, Facebook & Linkedin…ETC

Benefits of Business card or so called Visiting Card

Visibility of company Nick name and legal name,
Card Holders Name
Visibility of Phone Number
Visibility of Email ID
Visibility of Website
Visibitity of Adress
Visibility of QR code if any
There is a Huge Difference between visibility and Direct Access

Binefits of DI- Digital Identity
Access to Entity’s Identity
Access to directly call
Access to visit their official website
Access to All Sort of social networking page) Access to FaceBook Page
Access to All sort of business network page) Access to Linkedin Page
Access to All sort of Public announcement Network Page) Access to twitter Page
Access to Direct Payment to the entity via
Debit Card
Credit Card
Netbanking Through 80 Banks
17 wallets

KYC is mandatory for Every DI
Works only with Internet


1) Who is Eligible to get Di?
Di can be afforded by any organization who is registered with the Government.

2) Who can afford Di?
Any Business can afford it Because it is Free
3) Does it have any annual Maintenance charges?
yes Rs.100/-
4)Do these online payment have any transaction Charges?
Yes, Normal bank charges.
5) can it be duplicated but any?
No as every Di has a unique URL characters.
6) how Practical is it to remember multiple entities Di?
No you don’t have to remember the unique Di of all entities you wanted, Because it also has a search Engine in which you search all the member entity information in single Click.
7) How Secure is the data information?
Member Entity has the privilege of setting upto what to be disclose.
8) How sustainable is Di or Town Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
We will surely be upto the mark in the market as we have been waiting for an opportunity

We Had Trees, Save A PaPer
(Time to Chat about it)

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