Agastya Charitable Foundation

Bengaluru, 5th Nov, 2018

Agastya Charitable Foundation is a registered non-profit organization which was established in 2018 with the sole objective of adding value to the under privileged of our society. It is our foundation’s commitment to deliver selfless service to serve the needy in our communities. We offer services such as free professional counselling, vocational training, organise free health camps etc.One of our main focus areas is skill development initiatives like soft skill development – body language, leadership skills, effective communication, etc. aimed at empowering the youth through holistic development.

To that effect, Agastya Charitable Foundation is proud to partner with Author Sasha Kulothungan who has authored the book “Fleur Floraison- a simple guide to corporate life”. This book serves as a guide for people interested in pursuing careers in multinational corporations. It helps them equip themselves with tips and techniques to pave the path to a successful career in the corporate world. The sale proceeds of the books are dedicated towards the development of the foundation for youth-based skill-building activities.

Mr.Bernaad R Chetty who is an experienced corporate professional and Mentor. He is also the Zone Chairperson of Lions Club Bangalore, hesaid “This book outlines topics on essential skills which can be used and applied to day to day work. It gives insights into how you must build yourself and make yourself noticeable in the corporate world”. Students and aspirant corporate professionals can use the book as a good tool to plan their career path, develop and nurture it to reach the highest pinnacle of success.

Ms.MounikaMaddipatla, a recognized Toastmaster and speaker residing in Chicago, USA takes pride in volunteering for the foundation. She is a regular speaker, coach and mentor at various educational organizations in both Chicago and Bangalore. She contributes to the foundation by delivering soft skill training sessions such as those relating to leadership, effective communication, negotiation skills, etc. She is scheduled to address the Department of Commerce, Bangalore University students in the coming days on skills that enhance employability.

Mr.Prakash DP a well- known social activist believes that, “skill building is an essential component for youth development as it enables individuals to excel in professional and personal development”. He expressed happiness that Agastya Charitable Foundation emphasis delivering need-based training to help individuals become self- sufficient. Vocational training skills like jewellery-making, flower arrangements, chocolate-making, beautician courses, etc. are undertaken for under privileged youth with the help and support of volunteers.

Hence, Agastya Charitable Foundation is committed towards serving the under privileged youth and women of our society.

For any further queries or information, please contact +91 9900704991 or log into website

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