Dr. Agarwal Hospitals and Gene Research Foundation Conducted GENE SOCIETY FOR GENE AND STEM CELL THERAPY CONVENTION at NIMHANS.

Bangalore-18th Nov, 2018:-

GENE SOCIETY FOR GENE AND STEM CELL THERAPY CONVENTION held in National institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) , the conference ingurated by following deginteries, Hematology and Cellular Therapy ,Dr.T.R . Raju-A,S.Paintal distinguish Research chair of ICMR , (NIMHANS) ,Bangalore , India , Prof . B . S . S RaoProfessor Department of Neurophysiology,Nimhans , Bangalore . , Dr . Sundar p -Professorand HOD of Transfusion Medicine ( NIMHANS), Bangalore , India . ,Dr . Mayurika S. K . Tyagi Consultant , Hematologist , New Delhi., Dr . M . C . Raja

President, founder and CEO, Genotypic, Bangalore, Dr . Syed A A Javaz -Chief consultant Diabetologist at Diascope polyclinic and laboratory , Bangalore , India and Ex medical superintendent and Trustee at Bangalore Diabetes hospital , Bangalore, Dr . Armand Keating Scientist , krembil Research Institution , Cancer Clinical Research Unit (CCRU) Toronto , Canada . Natural Killer Cells In Haemato – Oncology, Dr . Paramjit Singh Dhot Medical Director at Life cell International Pvt . Ltd ., New Delhi , India, Dr . John freedom , pandit Chandrasekhar Sharama , Dr . D . K . Mishra , Dr . Indrani Dutta , Dr . Srinivasa S . , Dr . Suite Rana Agarwal , Dr . Purvesh parikh , Dr . Yogesh Chawla , Dr . Armand keating , Dr . Ashish Jain , Dr . Manoranjan Mahapatra , Dr . N . Dhanapala , Dr . Boris W . W . Kramer.& Dr.Sunitha Rana Agarwal & Dr.Srinivas BMC is present and Expressed their opinion in seminor first day regarding Gene Therepy and sub – subjects..With their students and with media persons…, Huge croude was gathered in Nimahans auditorium.

Gene Research Foundation,Bengaluru. Conducted the annual conference on INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR GENE AND STEM CELL THERAPY at the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).unveiled the White Paper on the current status of Gene and Stem Cell Therapy in India.The primary aim of ISGCT is to collaborate Scientists, Physicians, Patients, Regulatory Authorities and Industry on one platform to evaluate the progress made in the field of Stem Cell and Gene Research, treatment and results.

The second day of seminor continues today also….

ABOUT AGARWAL. :-Dr. Agarwal Hospitals and Gene Research Foundation have served medicine and research for over 100 years through 4 generations. With the advent of Mana autologous DNA and Stem cell therapy for the last 13 years over 18000 patientshave been successfully treated. Taking research and development to the next level through the medium of the convention we invite you to partake in this extravaganza of 2 days of didactic lectures, panel discussions, wet labs and interaction with like-minded people from the industry, the Government and autonomous bodies.

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