Pampers launches its smallest diaper ever, commits to provide the best skin protection to premature babies in India

“Donates1 lakh premature baby diapers to government hospitals in India”

Bangalore, 04 December 2018: Pampers, the worlds #1 diaper brand has committed to work towards the welfare of premature babies in India, by launching their smallest diapers ever, especially designed keeping in mind the needs and delicate skin of premature babies. Pampers has extended their support to the most vulnerable babies across the country by donating one lakh Preemie diapers across major government hospitals in India.

India has the highest number of premature baby births in the world (approximately 35 lakh every year).While the survival rates are increasing due to improvement in access to neonatal healthcare, these babies fight against all odds to survive. Currently inmost hospitals across India, diapers meant for full term babies are cut into smaller sizes and used on the premature babies due to non-availability of specialized diapers.
In order to support the well- being of premature babies in India, Pampers has partnered with major government hospitals in four cities for a donation of special diapers for premature babies. These hospitals house some of the largest NICU units in India and include King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM), Sion Hospital and Nair Hospital in Mumbaiand Lucknows King George’s Medical University (KGMU). Pampers will also make donations to top government hospitals in Delhi.
A spokesperson from Pampers added, Pampers is committed to the happy, healthy development of every baby. With India having the most number of premature baby births in the world, we are making a concerted effort to make sure that these vulnerable babies receive the best love and care after birth. Premature babies have extremely sensitive skin which may easily contract rash or infections if left wet even for a short while. Pampers has designed special diapers for these little fighters, in close partnership with NICU nurses. These are our smallest diapers ever, and can wrap even a baby upto 800 grams in the softest loving comfort of a diaper.

Soha Ali Khan, celebrity mother,who has extended her support to the initiative with #PampersForPreemies on her social media page states, The joy of having a baby is bigger than anything else that parents can experience. But when your baby is born premature, the joy also brings along with it many other emotions like concern and worry for your preemies health. Premature babieshave an extremely delicate skin and hence are more susceptible to catching infections. Their comfort becomes of utmost importance as only if they are comfortable, loved and cared for, will they grow to be healthier. As a mother, I know what parents go through when their baby is not in the best of health. When Inaaya was born she was perfectly healthy but even then we took extra care of her by using the very best of the products for her. Hence in the case of premature babies, the hospital and the parents are all the more careful. The initiative #PampersForPreemies wherein Pampers is partnering with and donating premature baby diapers to major government hospitals across India is very heart-warming to me as a mother. It is these babies, who are born in such a vulnerable state that need utmost love and care. Also as a mother, I am sure it is very reassuring to see one item of normalcy on your baby while they are in the incubator or strapped with tubes.

In Mumbai, Pampers has partnered with KEM, Sion and Nair Hospitals to donate premature diapers. Speaking on this partnership, Dr.HemantDeshmukh (Dean at KEM Hospital) said, Were proud to partner with Pampers, the brand shares our belief that all babies deserve the best care from day one. With India ranking No.1 in premature births, the health of premature babies is of Paramount importance. While a premature baby is still developing, it is important that the baby sleeps with minimal environmental stimulation or ill-fitting diapers that increase the risk of skin irritation and infections which can increase medical complications for the baby. These preemie diapers will help the hospital in taking better care of the preemies born here as hygiene of the preemies will be maintained and also will equip the nurses who work tirelessly in the NICU wards making changing soiled nappies a less time consuming effort. The hospital sees approximately 750 births in a month out of which 200 are premature. While Sion Hospital sees a total 600 to 700 births each month, of which 12-14% are born premature, Nair Hospital sees a total 350-400 babies, of which about 150 babies are checked into the NICU per month.

The Chairperson, National New Born Foundation Dr. Ajay Gambhir, said The skin of a preemie is a lot more fragile and delicate than a full-term infant. Externally, one of the biggest challenge in any NICU is also protecting the skin. A premature diaper is specifically designed for a premature baby. It will help them sleep better, thus increasing their chances at a faster recovery. India ranks no.1 in the birth of premature babies and this puts a lot of pressure on doctors and nurses to ensure utmost delicate care. Premature diapers will also put the parents at ease knowing that babies are well protected.

Dr. Mala Kumar, Head of Paediatric and NICU ward of King George Memorial Hospital in Lucknow(KGMU) said,Out of the 700 to 800 babies delivered at King George Memorial Hospital in a month, 25% are premature and are always at increased risk of infection. Premature babies have less muscle tone, and the larger diapers do not allow the smaller legs and hips of a preterm baby to rest and move in the correct positions. Even though born early, these babies are active and we are glad there are companies like Pampers that understand this and have designed the preemie diapers considering this.

Benefits of Pampers Preemies Diaper

Designed especially for the sensitive skin of premature babies, hence is extremely soft and gentle on their skin, helps their legs move better
Designed in partnership with NICU nurses, to ensure utmost comfort and medical care for premature babies
Reduces risk of infection by limiting leaks and keeping away liquid from getting in touch with the tubes of a premature babies
Comfortable for the baby which makes them sleep better and increase their chances of growing and recovering fast

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