Canara Bank has been issuing EMV Compliant Chip Cards to the customers w.e.f, February 2016.

Canara Bank, DBS Wing, Head Office, Bangalore.

With a view to secure Card transactions against fraudulent usages, Reserve Bank of India has mandated that all existing Magstripe Debit / Credit & Prepaid Cards issued to customers are mandatorily required to be replaced with EMV Chip Card by 31 December 2018. In order to comply with the above RBI directives, Canara Bank has been issuing EMV Compliant Chip Cards to the customers w.e.f, February 2016. To facilitate customers for replacing their existing Magstripe Cards, Bank has made sufficient inventory of EMV Chip Cards available in its branches to cater to immediate replacement on request of the customer.

With barely four weeks to go, Bank is leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to the customers through multiple channels. A massive campaign is underway amongst all branches of the Bank pan India from 3 December 2018 to contact maximum customers and urge for replacement of Magstripe Card. Bank has been sending SMS blast in regional languages periodically for maximum outreach informing about the replacement for continued services. Bank is also trying to educate the customers through Social Media by uploading the educational videos in multiple languages on You Tube and Twitter. In order to target the younger and tech savvy segment, and particularly customers who are away from their home branch, an online package is deployed on its website to capture the request from the customers and dispatch the Cards directly to their communication address. Bank has also come out with paper Advertisement in national & Regional dailies for increasing awareness. With the multipronged strategies, Bank Management is confident of completing the task before the due date.

Magstripe cardholder customers are requested to contact their branch or submit their online request for replacement of their existing Magstripe card with EMV Chip Card before 31.12.2018.

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