DECCAN AIRSPORTS       South India’s first Airsports Company

Launch of 4D VR Hot Air Ballooning Experience for the very first time in India

Bengaluru, 21st Dec, 2018:

Deccan Airsports proudly presents India’s first 4D VR Hot Air Ballooning Experience. This Virtual Reality Hot Air Balloon Flight represents the latest integration of technology into thrilling Aviation experience and is completely immersive with users as Pilot in command.

They have designed and built this VR Hot Air Balloon rig in partnership with Digital Jalebl, who are one of the leading VR development companies in the country. The VR Hot Air Balloon Flight takes virtual reality experience to a whole new level by stimulating the person’s senses of sight, sound and touch. Teleporting users to our custom designed virtual environments such as:

(1) Swiss Alps (2) Arabian Desert (3) Lunar Terrain (4) Western Ghats

Using an actual hot air balloon, the experience allows the user to control the balloon’s burner system with their retrofitted burner controls. Once inside the basket, the user interacts with the rig in a 1:1, tactile way, which allows them to reach out and interact with all of the hot air balloon control elements within reach. Our hot air balloon basket includes bench seating and its motion is simulated In VR in real time. Also in the basket are fuel tanks that virtually ignite the burners for lift, therefore users independently control trajectory of the flight and can also see original gauges providing accurate telemetry of the hot air balloon in flight.

360° Sound Design responds to user’s position and movements in the basket rig. Radiant heat activates when the physical burner control lever is pulled. Players will see the burner flames in VR while feeling the heat in the real world.

The VR rig serves as a critical component in the immersive motion to trick the brain into feeling it is thousands of feet above the surface, while only lifted few inches off the ground. This VR hot air balloon will facilitate flying experiences to both young and elderly whilst being in the comfort of the ground.

Deccan Airsports embarks on a mission to instil a sense of passion and inspire new minds! This launch is in line with the company’s vision to get people excited and engage In Aerial activities in India. They hope to further develop this product to a sophisticated Hot Air Balloon training simulator which will be capable of training new hot air balloon pilots in the country and also impart a new skill to the adventure seeking demography.

They requested all to join for the launch day on 22nd (Sat) at Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield from 11 am onwards.

Deccan Airsports envisages a new era of Aviation in India and will actively strive to create a platform to provide everyone the opportunity to experience the beauty of Indian Sky and beyond!

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(Tj vision media)


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