The 42nd Annual Conference of “Kamaraj Foundation of India”

Bengaluru, 26th Dec, 2018:

“Kamaraj Foundation of India” is a Social Cultural Organisation, Nonpolitical,Non-Communal and Non-Religious in character working in all India basis with Thiruvnanthapuram as its Headquarters for the last 42 years to cherish the memory of Late K Kamaraj in Indian National Life.

The 42nd Annual Conference of “Kamaraj Foundation of India will be held from 28th to 30A December 2018 at BArasoji Rao Charities Kalyana Mantapa, R.V. Road, Near Minarva Circle, Bengaluru-560 004. They have decided to discuss the following topics at the Conference.

1. The Relevance of Kamaraj Governance to day’s Public Life

2. Kamaraj’s Relationship with Karnataka

3. Secularism and Democratic Socialism

The Inauguration of the Conference will be held on 29’h December at 10.30.A.M. Sri H.D.Devegowda, Hon’ble Former Prime Minister of India has kindly consented to Inaugurate the conference in the presence of Sri P.G.R.Sindhia, Former Minister, Government of Karnataka & Chairman Reception Committee, Dr.A.Neelalothithadasan Nadar, Former Minister, Government of Kerala & Former Member of Parliament & Chairman, Kamaraj Foundation.

Hon’ble Ministers, Mayor of Bengaluru and senior Political Leaders,Social-Cultural Dignitaries have kindly agreed to participate in the Conference.

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