Bangalore, 3rd Jan, 2019:

Feeling excluded by the male-dominated political parties, Dr Swetha Shetty, 36, will spearhead NATIONAL WOMEN’SPARTY A Doctor& Social Activist Making Change’ in the upcoming elections The first-ever National level Indian political party dedicated to women, was unveiled on Tuesday in New Delhi, the hotspot of Indian political system.

Heading the newly formed NATIONAL WOMEN’S PARTY (NWP) is 36 years old qualified Doctor veteran social activist & feminist Swetha Shetty, who declared that this was a “historic” step in a mission to “guarantee equal representation in the Indian parliament said that her party’s goal was to represent “Women” particularly the underprivileged who “have suffered at the hands of Tho have run from office to office in expectation of some help to make their lives better and got nothing” and those who suffered from domestic abuse or are struggling against the social establishment.

The partywill be formulated with the vision to work towards creating an environment free of gender biasness where women stand equal rights at administration level be it community, society or at workplace Giving insight on the formulation of the NWP, Dr. Swetha said The actual ground work for National Women Party began in 2012. The motive behind formation of National Women Party is to get 50 % reservation for women candidates in Lok Sabha Election . Even in 2018 women rights are avoided easily and there is so much crime against women and no significant reformations are being considered so far hence she felt the need for women party. The party will attempt to eradicate the present challenges as there is need for women participants who understand the subject more delicately. Women empowerment will be a fair play to persistent paradoxes of our times While working with a Non-Government Organisation in the state of Telangana she realised an acute need to be a part of the system o change the system. She wanted to make a national movement. To serve the original purpose she needed higher commitment from the governing body.

She need higher participation in the parliament to amend the laws for women welfare and progre P has the support from 1.45 Lakhs women members of Telangana Mahila Samiti and the numbers are persistently increasing across India ber of any political organisation, she said that “we want to preserve our ” and demonstrate that women can be educated, be leaders and “stay independent” “Every woman wants adequate health When asked why she did not want to enter politics as a mem care, economic stability and no women wants to be raped or sexually harassed,” Dr Swetha’s decision to create an all women party at national level followed attempts to pressure the existing parties to include women on their lists, which would result in higher female representation in the parliament and Indian democratic system Addressing the media persons Dr Swetha told the existing political parties violate the principle of equality and women’s rights when it comes to have equal number of women in parliament .

At Present , women constitute just 11 % out of 545 members led parliament At the press conference, she said the creation of a national women party came only after “we tried everything else” to have at least 33 % reservation for women in the election seats . ” from approaching the parties politely , to going to the courts , to grassroots pressure “We won’t be quiet until we see that women are represented equally in parliament,” she said. NWP, she said, supported the presence of women in all aspects of society, including the workplace and service in the army.

We welcome each women who wish to support our cause and this party irrespective any cast creed or religion. This party even welcomes political support from men if they agree with our ideology.

City Today News

(Tj vision media)


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