Eighty school teams set to compete in second edition of BOOST BFC Soccer Shield

“Tournament Kicks-Off on January 15; Girls Category Included for The First Time”

Bengaluru 11 January, 2019: The second edition of the BOOST BFC inter School Soccer Shield is all sot to kick-off at the Bangalore Football Stedium on January 15, the cub announced on Fricay Bigger in scale compared to the last edition, tha Soccer Shield will see 1000+ children from over 80 teams from schoos across the city battle it out in four age categories (U8, U 10, U12 and U14). ine first, the competition has also beon axtenced to girls n the U3, U10 and U12 category.

Keeping in line with the competition’s aim of devoloping football at a grassroots level and being a feeder to the Blues’ academy sides. standout performers fem he tournament will yel the opportunity to be part of a fully-funded high-peiformance camp at the inspire Institute of Sport, in Bellary. The lis also houses the Bengaluru FC Residential Academy. The winners also have an excellent chance of securing a scholarship in Bengaluru FC soccer schools and a spot on the Beriga uru FC B-Tearm while consistently improving their fitness ard the way they olay the game along the way.

Bangaluru FC, with its grassroots program, BFC Soccer Schools, and Resdential Youth Academy in Bellary, has structured the deal pathway for yaung footballers with potential and club Coo, Mustafa Ghouse said the Soccer Shield was an important aspect in the system.

Bengaluru FC COO, Mustafa Ghouse went on to say “we are really excited for the second edition of the BOOST BFC Inter School Soccer Shieid. The tcurnament has grown on al fronis from last seasuin, and the orerwhelmirg response it has raceived frorm schools across the city this year roaffirma how much it has growr since last ysar. In aodition, this ysar wil see selocted children get an opportunity to train at the BC Academy at tne inspire institute of Sport and we re nappy to be abie to provide thern with an experiunce Fke none other n the country, Ir’s also a big step up or us that we’re able ta include a girl’s catogory in thie edition and we hops that this l9ads to something epesiai One of tho School Shield’s biggest success stcries is th riean-year-old Gautam Rajesh of DPS East, who was sccuted frcm the 2013 edtion and is currently with the club’s U13 side. The young midfielder was even part of the Karnataka U 4 squad at the 2018 Sub Jurior Nationals Vikram Behl, Area Markcting Lead, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “Young chidron today closely connect with sports stars and look un to them tar inspiration RoCST’s partnership with BFC for the Inter Schcol Shield, gives kids the opportunity to play and ieam, with the Prcs Ever since is inauguration, the toumament has grown in leaps and bounds, and the resoonse it has received from schools thic yoar ia a tostamont to its success The irclusion cf a girl’s category is another positivo step forward, turthering the incredibie growth momenturm of fooibail in the country

BOOST- the official energy pariner to Bençaluru FC, will be re-activating the partnership with its flagship propeity Play the Pros where selected kds ge: to play end leam from tneir favorite sports heroes like Sunil Chhetri, Gurpreet Singh and Udanta Singh to name a few. With thie property BOOST intends to take its purpose of “Unieashing the winner in kids beyond an inspiring message The brand alms to provide the kids with the opportunity to prepare to Play a Bigger Game’ by learning frem the r favo-ite sports heroes.

Bengaluru FC as a club, has always taken along with it the community, and the tournament will see as many as 20 teams from the community participate in a separate category. The association will also see BOOST actively involved in the club’s active Indian Super League campaign, in terms of player marketing rights, on-ground assets, tickets, merchandise and the opportunity for children from the tournament to be a part of the matchday mascots program and be mascots along with the players in a BFC home game during the ISL.

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