Period is Natural

As social media giants adapt to launch first ever period emoji this month, with an overwhelming response from 47 percent of women who believed the emoji could help them openly talk about periods, we look back at some of the initiatives that have opened the field for conversations on aspiration of women and help them talk about their dreams.

The period emoji is only symbolic of menstrual conversation. An emoji that reflects the actual life experiences of over half the population of the world and opening up vital conversations about women’s bodies. But social media may be late in catching-up. Celebrities such as Indian sporting icon PV Sindhu have been leading the way for these conversations.

There’s been a shift in the way we talk about periods compared to earlier times. Young women are opening up about their periods and taking to YouTube with their stories and advice, last year Sindhu’s open letter to girls share their #dreamsofprogress got widespread consumer response. Thousands of girls from all over the country joined Sindhu with an overwhelmed response to the letter. Many shared their dreams and aspirations- and how they wish to pursue them, without letting periods get in the way of their progress. P.V. Sindhu had only shared her own experience and young girls found a virtual mentor.

Not only women are getting more comfortable talking about their periods but men are also becoming more understanding and taking part in conversations about menstruation. Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar’s film called ‘Padman’ is a perfect example of a real-life inspired story on the same issue. The movie was a great conversation driver to normalize the talk around menstrual hygiene.

The broadening of menstruation conversation is shifting away gradually from its traditional ties to womanhood. We’ve come far, but we still have a long way to go. This Women’s Day we need to take steps that menstruation doesn’t impact women’s ability to get her an education or seek work. Ensure that undeserved communities get feminine hygiene through sanitary products for this natural cycle. Social media is just catching- up to the demand. Period.

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