The Successful Beginning of Women Solidarity Movement in India with ‘Beautiful One’ Campaign by 1MG Lido Mall

The 25 days long campaign marks presence of 400+ women in Joy- AA-Thon’ showcasing the theme of #onesheforshe on International Women ‘s Day at IMG Lido Mall

Bengaluru, 8th March 2019: 1MG Lido Mall, the downtown shopping & dining destination, echoed new voice of women solidarity movement with over 400+ women participating in the mega event loy-AA-Thon’ marking the great success of the ‘Beautiful One’ campaign.The three-phase campaign focused on ‘inner beauty’ and ‘outer beauty’ of modern women received a warm reception from women across India.

The first-of-its-kind campaign broke the stereotypical gender-based approach and encouraged women to strengthen their inner-self and motivate one-another to empower them in a true sense. Women from different walks of life came together with 1MG Lido Mall participated in the women pride Joy-AA-Thon’ to deliver the message that once ‘She finds Sisterhood, there is nothing stronger The huge rally of women wearing campaign t-shirts and caps to show strong sisterhood marched from 1MG Lido Mall at 4:30 PM till Manipal Center, Dickenson Road, and concluded back at the mall at 5:30 PM. All the women participants were gifted Rupees 1000 gift vouchers from 1MG Lido Mall along with refreshments. They were also welcomed at Sulthan Jewellers, the collaborating partner of Joy-AA-Thon, for celebrating photo-session to commemorate the international women’s day.

The 25-day long campaign with an aim to begin a Solidarity Movement for Women in India received a great response on social media with positive, empowering, and inspiring stories shared by women with #onesheforshe in the first phase . The second phase of the campaign focused on ‘Outer Beauty’ also marked increased participation of Bengaluru women walking into 1MG Lido Mall, who received free beauty makeover sessions from famous beauty brands including Clinique, Kama Ayurveda, Estee Lauder, MAC, and The Body Shop from 1st March to 8th March 2019.

Marking the great success of the campaign, Ms. Bhanu Praveen, Marketing Manager, 1MG Lido Mall said, “1MG Lido Mail endeavored to show the strength and power that women cam acquire if one She’ supports other ‘She’ through the ‘Beautiful One’ campaign. The grand success of our campaign and the mega event Joy-AA-Thon’ has overwhelmed us, and we envisage that as a dawn of a new era for modern women. The women pride walk included over 400 women influencers, corporate leaders, working professionals, housewives, and students, who came ahead to create a strong inclusive network of women and motivate millions of other She’ to join them. I strongly suggest that instead of talking about ‘Gender Equality’ and Anti-Discrimination Laws, Women must empower themselves through POSITIVITY SUPPORT for one another. The aspirational Beautiful One’ campaign has succeeded in achieving the goal and inspired women across India.

Celebrating the overwhelming response to the campaign, Mr. Roby Varghese, Mall Manager, 1MG Lido Mall said, “We looked forward to celebrating this International Women’s Day with complete women consolidation and we are confident that our efforts will mark the beginning of a women solidarity movement across India. I am thankful to all women for being the brand ambassador of ‘Beautiful One’ campaign and making it a great success.”

Talking about the idea behind the campaign, Mr. Suman Lahiri, coo, 1MG Lido Mall said, “The real solution to problems of gender biases lies in strengthening the foundation of women as an inclusive sisterhood, where all SHE can succeed by supporting and getting support from other SHE. With Beautiful One’ campaign, we have attempted to revive the tides of positivity amongst women on social media and celebrated the sisterhood with women pride – Joy-AA-Thon”.

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