Learntech Announces the Launch of Bangalore Focused Education Website

The website will give users detailed information about courses, schools, callges, and aniversities in Bangalore to help them make an informed academic choice”

March 25, 2019| Bangalore: Bangalore-based educational platform Learntech today announced launch of http://www.bangalorestudy.com to help students information about courses, schools, colleges, and universities in Bangalore. the Crafted with the user experience firmly in mind, the website has been designed to help both students and parents from across the world find the right information they need to study in Bangalore, the education hub of India. The website will be free for all users The website includes extensive information broken down to the minutest details and includes important data like fees, annual intake, entrance tests, job opportunities, specializations, and more for every course -right from preschool to postgraduate programs and everything in between.

This website is a step forward, not just an attempt, to provide the absolute best to students that are considering Bangalore as their next destination for education,” said Mansoor Ali, Chairman and Managing Director of Learntech. “The website will provide students and their folks the most effective way to study each course, school, college, and university before shortlisting the be the best for them. The website is aimed at creating a better overall experience for every user that comes to us.”

Pooja Gupta, Business Development Manager of Learntech, said, “The new website is a result of ur deep understanding of the education sector. The website has everything that a student and parent needs and they will benefit greatly from the richer information and user experience that the site has to offer. 92 After the launch of http://www.bangalorestudy.com, Learntech will launch similar educational portals for other cities and states like Mangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad,New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kerala in a phased manner with information carefully curated and customized for those markets.

About Learntech

Learntech Edu Solutions Pvt, Lrd., (www.leantechww.com) is one of India’s largest educational ervices provider. Since our establishment in 1994, we have helped thousands of students with admissions to their preferred colleges. Our services include counselling, course selection admissions, and post-admission care. Learntech is headquartered in Bangalore with office India and the Middle East.

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