Bengaluru, 01.04.2019:

Christian community runs more than 50,000 educational institutions in the country.Christian Community though being a minority yet accounts fo largest education provider in the country next to Govt.Christians are known for their services in the field of social service, Health and Education.But, Christians (political as well as bureaucracy) have been permanently neglected by Congress.r 2nd Convenors of Christian Community Coalition (Karnataka) had been trying to unite Christian leaders in Karnataka.A series of meetings were held in the residences of Smt Margaret Alva, Sri Oscar Fernandes, Sri.HT Sangliana, Sri.KJ George, Sri.J Alexander and other leaders individually and collectively to impress upon Congress Leaders of Karnataka at Bengaluru and Delhi for pro rata representation for Christians in Minority Departments of Govt of Karnataka as well as allotment of seats in MLA/MP elections.Recently, Sri J Alexander, IAS (Former Chief Secretary and former Cabinet Minister of Govt of Karnataka, Smt Margaret Alva (Former Governor), Sri Ivan Nigli, Ex MLA, Sri. Ronald Colaco, Sri. Rajendran and a team had met Sri KCVenugopal, Sri. G Parameshwar and Sri. Gundu Rao and requested for a MP Seat in Bangalore. Thereafter, Sri. J Alexander IAS (Rtd), Sri Ivan Nigli (Ex MLA), Sri Rajendran and Team from CCC(K) had evenmet Sri Rahul Gandhiji, Sri Mallikarjun Kharge, Sri. KC Venugopal in Parliament House and requested for a MP Seat for any suitable Christian leaders in Karnataka. Subsequently same team had met Sri Vincent George, Sri Oscar Fernandes at Delhi and requested for intervention in allotting a MP Seat to any of the Christian candidates in Karnatáka. But, christians were treated as Second Class citizens and not considered for any of the MP seats in Karnataka. Sri HT Sangliana who lost by only 35,000 votes irn previous MP election was not considered for a MP seat but-Sri Rizwan who is already a sitting MLC and who lost by more than 1,40,000 votes in previous occasion is again considered for Bangalore Central MP Seat this time (2019). Sri. Rizwan was granted two privileges at a time (Being MLC and a MP Seat). Christians are totally neglected. Congress has taken Christians for granted. Christian Community Coalititioh (Karnataka) feels highly aggrieved the way Christians are treated by Congress. Therefore, cCC (K) requests all TALL Christian leaders of Karnataka (Sri HT Sangliana, Mrs Margaret Alva, Sri KJ George, Sri Oscar Fernandes, Sri Alexander, Sri David Simeon, Sri Ivan D Souza, Sri JR Lobo, Sri Vinisha Nero dnd Sri Ivan Nigli) to invoke their cONSCIENCE and resign from Congress Party immediately and ‘join BJP or JDS or any other political parties so that Congress must wake up to reality.


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