Overseas Indians : Some Perspectives – On Governing India

Bangalore 15th April, 2019-

What most overseas Indians think about the NDA regime:

Many overseas Indians scattered across the globe from the Americas to Australia including the EMEA region, feel that India has emerged as a serious geo-political player on the world stage over the last five years under the effective leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. An objective assessment being that there is an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. As the nation is on the cusp of celebrating the festival of democracy, voters need to exercise their franchise with caution as India is on an established trajectory of growth & development Few compelling reasons why the BJP under the able leadership of Shri. Narendra Modi richly deserves a second chance: 1. Proven track record of clean & committed governance. 2. Reformist pathway: Denomination, GST, DBT etc. 3. International Yoga day 4. Ability to take military decisions that have cross border connotations 5. Proactive foreign policy These are short but simple views of common Indians living abroad but always connected & concerned for the nation’s well-being. In summary, most of us feel that Shri. Narendra Modiji & the BJP needs to be supported in order to continue the fantastic work & further strengthen the country in order to rightfully reclaim a place of prominence in the global league of nations. There is enough empirical evidence (https:/ww.w.business-standard.comarticle/elections/ from-agriculture to-economy-here-s-a-sector-wise-report-card-ofmodi-goxt-119041100080_Lhtml) about the achievements of the NDA government across sectors. Our assessment is more qualitative in nature, yet extremely compelling. Therefore, our humble appeal to all Indian citizens is to vote for the nation and this means bringing Narendra Modiji, BJ NDA back to power again with absolute majority

– On behalf of, Overseas Indians, Ravi Shankar, Ph.D Chicago- Bangalore

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