63 year RAMESH BABU Attempts Setting his 65th World Record

Prof. S. Ramesh Babu, A Retired Metallurgical Scientist (Ph.D. from IISc., Bangalore in 1985). As a hobby been setting world records, recognized by various Books of Records. Few of His recent records are WR64 12 Bananas manually cut into 350 slices in 1 Minute ; WR63 1822 Sideward Rollings in 1 Hr., in

Pavana Mukthasana Yoga Posture; WR62 1700 Abdominal Push-Ups in 1 Hr using an open Gym equipment, etc. He is am happy to inform that following very rigorous systematic practice during the last 3 months , he has successfully set his 65th (Inaugural) World record “1 Hr. ABSOLUTE NON-STOP NAUKASANAS”, on Sunday, 14 April, 2019, commencing at 7.30 A.M., at Prof. Satish Dhawan Park, Tatanagar Kodigehalli, Bangalore 560092. This extremely taxing and physically quite challenging record of balancing in the boat posture was attempted defying my present age of 63! He had committed to the Books of World Records to perform 300 consecutive Naukasanas in under 45 Minutes. However, with a high level of focus and hard determination,

he succeeded in making the committed 300 Naukasanas in just 28 Min. 30 Sec, surpassing his best performance of 300 Naukasanas in 32 Min. during the practice sessions. Not only that, but he went beyond 300 which he had never ever ventured earlier, performing almost at the same pace, pushing my stamina and endurance to humam limits and achieved a aggering 652 Naukasanas 1 exactly 1 Hr., averaging a fast pace of 10.9 Naukasanas per minute. Remarkably, in the last minute, having completed 634 Naukasanas in 59 Minutes, determined to cross 650 in 1 Hr., He achieved an unbelievable pace of 18 Naukasanas in the last minute and reached 652 the Timing official announced STOP at the end of 1 Hr. This achievement was possible mainly because of a perfect harmony between his strong mind and strong body, systematic planning of his practice ns with pre-determined time bound targets, high level of concentration and more importantly excellent control over my breathing and pacing. At the r. punishing feat, he was neither completely exhausted nor gasping for breath. He performed Shavasana to quickly bring back the heart end of the 1 pacing to normalcy. The record was set on 14 April as a gift to my wife Usha on her 62nd birthday The record was officially set following the standard norms set by the Books of Records for such feats, in the presence of general public. Digital display stop watches and mechanical counters were used for accurate counting. The entire record feat was professionally video photographed. The Authenticating Officials were Smt. MALA MANOHAR, Yoga Practioner and Yoga Teacher, School Vivekananda, Bangalore, Yoga Shiromani Mr. SHYAM KURUPPATH, Internationally certified Yoga practitioner and free lance Yoga Teacher, Director of Grorich Horivert Pvt. Ltd Bangalore, Mr. AJITH KUMAR MAIYA, Yoga Practioner and Sr. Technician, Health Centre, IISc., Bangalore and Mr. B. ASHOK KUMAR, Yoga Practioner and Graphic & Printing Consultant, Bangalore. Having successfully accomplished the record, the complete set of authentication documents together with video proof will be sent to the various Books of Records, for official recognition, very soon.

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