Master Chef Ajay Chopra’s visit to Academy of Pastry Arts, Bangalore

May 3, Bangalore: The Silicon Valley of India witnessed a gala-day when India’s quirky, fun loving, and larger than life acclaimed Chef Ajay Chopra visited the Academy of Pastry Arts Bangalore center on 2nd May

Everyone present was excited as Chef Ajay Chopra, an acclaimed chef, interacted with students. He also tasted and appreciated dishes prepared by students and gave feedback, which served as a morale booster to students. Chef Ajay Chopra had a long discussion on pedagogy with faculty members and gave them a new perspective on teaching and brushed up their leadership skills. After the interactive session with the students, Chef Ajay went live on ‘Instagram’ to discuss problems faced by budding chefs and shared his solutions with them. During the day there were food tasting sessions as food prepared by culinary students was sampled, this was followed by lunch. For culinary students, it was an exciting time as food prepared by them was evaluated by celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra.

Chef Ajay Chopra will host Northern Flavours Season 2 where he will successfully explore the forgotten delicacies of North India in the shows second season broadcast on Living Foodz on 5th June 2019.

Sharing his thoughts on the visit to the Bangalore center, Chef Ajay Chopra said, “It is always a pleasure being with the bright and talented students from the Academy because they inspire me to bring out the best in every delicacy I prepare. It’s actually a win-win where both parties interact, train, teach and learn to grow.”

Commenting on the same, Chef Niklesh, Founder, Academy of Pastry Arts, said, “Since its inception, our Academy has focused on quality teaching through practical cooking classes by renowned chefs and master chefs. Today, chef Chopra’s culinary classes in the Academy were insightful and will lead to the betterment of our students.”

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