ZOYLO Launched it’s flagship product “ZoyPlus” Corporate Health Card

A Complete Wellness Plan for Corporate Employees
~ Card benefits both employee and employer with a core focus on preventive measures ~
~ Exclusive discounts on OPD & Wellness services throughout the year ~

Hyderabad, May 27, 2019: Zoylo Digihealth Pvt. Ltd. (Zoylo), in its latest expansion move, has entered the corporate wellness segment with its flagship product, “ZoyPlus Corporate Health Card” specially designed to benefit both employers and the employees. ZoyPlus is a unique health card with multiple benefits and value-added services that contribute to healthy employees and a productive workplace.
Mr. Vinod Kumar Reddy, CEO, Zoylo Digihealth said, “Employee wellness is a fast-emerging benefit category that is valued by employees as it ensures a systematic end-to-end health management for them.
ZoyPlus offers a complete healthcare solution for corporate workforce through a single card with exclusive benefits on the entire range of medical services which makes it a one-go health and wellness solution.”
With a core focus on preventive measures, ZoyPlus Health Card offers a complete wellness package that includes free master health checkup, online doctor consultations, dental checkup, hair & skin analysis along with free life insurance coverage and exclusive discounts on medicines, lab tests, doctor appointments, physiotherapy, home healthcare and other wellness services throughout the year.
The preventive healthcare aspects will help every employee to benefit from early detection of lifestyle diseases, especially NCDs like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancer. The solutions will help employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Zoylo is India`s first online healthcare ecosystem that brings together seekers of medical care and service providers on an integrated transparent platform. The first offline and online integrated healthcare platform comprises a huge network of 50,000+ doctors, NABL accredited diagnostic centres, wellness centres, and 3000+ hospitals offering 360o coverage of healthcare needs across 600+ locations in India.

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