Liferay announces the opening of its new office in Pune as the Global service Hub in India

Pune June 10, 2019 – Open source technology Liferay, India announces the opening of its new office in Wakad, Pune. For over 15 years, Liferay has built its reputation as a key provider of high-quality software services and top-class technology expertise across the globe. It has shown an immense growth scale in India where the city of Bengaluru is being the headquarters office of India helping the customers, however, the demands of the clients were plenty in Mumbai as well as Pune, so to provide better services, Liferay has come up with a new office in Pune which will serve as a Global service hub for the customer of Liferay and will generate more customers success in India. Liferay is a growing 15-year-old company and 10 yrs in India and has 23 offices worldwide with a team of 800 members.

Liferay’s office in Pune has a team of Global Services consisting of 5 consultants, 1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst. Starting with a smaller number they’re planning to expand the office by 2020.

Speaking about the launch, Manish Gupta, Director, Liferay said “We are aiming to bring all of our expertise in one of the smartest cities of India. The choice of Pune center was primarily driven by the talented pool of professionals and facilities designed for the IT industry. We are looking at more customer success factors hence the Pune location will serve as a base of Global services hub. This establishment will attract a very large number of the finest product developments of Liferay.

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