“Entreprenuers To Make A Difference To Our World”

It is our endeavor as entreprenuers to make a difference to our world. In our initiative to support young orphans to follow their dreams and help them choose the right profession which triggers their passion, we have conducted – Insipational talks at Angels orphange.

This was be followed by dinner sponsored by us to the children. Our guest for today probationary deputy superintendent of police in bengaluru rural district Mr. Manoj Kumar ME guided the children on how to get into civil services.

All the entrepreneurs shared their experience and expertise with the children inspiring them to pursue their dreams and also telling them how they can go about it. The children listened with keen interest and were very eager to start their career of choice. Children are our future leaders and by creating an early influence we are inspiring and and leading them towards a better tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs who want to create a better world.
Maya DJ, Maya’s IC21, Shivraj D, Quepreon Biologicals Pvt Ltd, I S
Sudhir Sathyamoorthy, Resonate, Ashwin Krishnan. H, I Expesscion Solutions, I LLP, Saud Ragib, Celebrate life, Anjay Bansal, People sourcing consulting Pvt Ltd, Nagaraja, claynest, Pradeesh PL, Trumarx, Venkata Krishna, E save promoters.

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