Sapna Singhania Jewellery Collection – Invisible Setting  at Evoluzione Bangalore on 18th & 19th July 2019

You can’t see it. You can’t measure it. But you know its there, you can feel its perfection, its brilliance burning like a supernova. It is invisible, it is love, like the most powerful force in our universe – love – the hidden things in our world are often intangible in their worth.

Sapna Singhania uses centuries ago,to bring to you pieces of jewelery stunning and flawless,ethereal in quality and trendy in their uniqueness. In the invisible setting technique, the stones are set to each other without any visible metal holding them in place.

Grooves in each stones, under the girdle, slip into a metal framework below the surface. Not only does this give your diamonds protection from wear-and-tear by the elements but this metal cannot be seen, thus resulting in a effect where the gemstone sit side-by-side, creating an illusion of a solid surface of a gem.


Evoluzione Bangalore; 14 Vittal Mallaya Road,

Embassy Classic


Phone: 080 – 41121088, 080 – 41121089

City Today News



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