Rangalakshmi Srinivasa

International Laughter yoga trainer

Attempt to achieve a Guinness World Records title for Longest human chain of people patting each other on the back.

Greens Innovator attempted the LAUGHTER YOGA, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the Longest human chain of people patting each other on the back.

It is a proudmoment for Bengaluru, whole state of Karnataka and India, assuch aprestigious event has taken place on 6th July 2019, at National College Grounds, Bangalore.

Greens Innovator in association with KAMS Karnataka, has conducted mega laughter yoga event for 3240 School students. The reason for that is introduce Laughter yoga in lives of young children for their health, happiness, environment and growth. The message is also tokeep them tobacco freeand invest their time on their mental wellbeing. Bringing together of children of all ages and backgrounds also is an attempt for the message of World peaceand unity.

One of the exercise inlaughter yoga is appreciating each other, by creating a Longest human chain of people patting each other on the back , and chanting of saying ‘HoHo HaHa’not only brought the children together but gave them a chance to do their laughter yoga exercise with fun.The teams were successful in creating awarenessabout the importance of team work and appreciation.

More than 100 volunteers, 65 stewards, 2 Time keepers, 4 high profile delegates witnessed the event.

After the event, 45 people measured the length of continuous line and found the length is 1952mts (1.95Km). The team thoroughly tried to follow the guidelines of Guinness World Records. The record attempt has given them a chance to emphasize on the message of stress-free living and mental and emotional well-being to the younger audience, their teachers and their families. For the record attempt, Drone’s aerial view coverage,Video recordings and Photo coverage will be sent to Guinness World Records team and the team certainly hopes that they have a successful result.

On further communication with the management team and their main representative Rangalakshmi Srinivasan, onWhy laughter yoga for students if important, she said- ‘’Academic pressure, lack of emotional bonding and technology have eroded students away from laughing at simple things and hobbies. Benefits of laughter yoga are many and they helpdevelop emotional intelligence and self-confidence, increases academic performance, enhances creativity , boosts immune system,builds physical stamina for sports. This is our aim to inspire young children to achieve a stress- free and confident lifestyle.

Rangalakshmi Srinivasa

International Laughter yoga trainer


Chairman, Greens Innovator

Content Mob: 9448679023

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