New Range of InfiCool Collection from Wrangler

The perfect pair of jeans to beat the heat! Wrangler, the original denim brand, presents Spring 19 range of InfiCool apparel. This collection is developed in collaboration ‘with RElan and is powered with Kooltex technology that keeps the wearer cool, dry and comfortable when the weather gets hot.

Wrangler’s InfiCool range is designed with superior wicking properties. This ensures that moisture (sweat) is quickly absorbed away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it evaporates leaving the wearer dry and cool throughout the day.

Discover the power of these advanced denims in different styles and washes, so that you can sport a fresh, fashionable look this summer.

Wrangler’s InfiCool denims and rest of its stylish collection is available now at a Wrangler store near you.
Log in to to locate the closest store or connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @wranglerdenims.

Price Details: Wrangler’s InfiCool Collection starts at Rs. 3395/- for jeans and Rs. 1395/- for top wear.
Availability: Across all Wrangler stores in India and department stores.

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