Niyozen meet-up 5: Solo Travel or Do-log Travel?

Yeah yeah yeah, you want to travel. Everyone knows that and everyone who knows that also wants to travel.

But apart from holidays and finances there is another factor that affects the way we travel. And that’s company. For some people lack of company is the best way to explore the world and for others being alone on the road is unimaginable.

Then, most of us settle down with a partner and to spend your free time away from each other may be the beginning of the end of your relationship. But traveling, especially backpacking, with your partner is an art that a select few have mastered.

So whether it is solo or do-log traveling (our in-house copywriter’s way of saying ‘couple’ travels) that you want to try. Our first Niyozen meet-up in Bengaluru is bringing together people who have ticked off enough countries either traveling alone or as a couple. It is your chance to get a crash course on your preferred or forced style of exploring.

Meet Abhi Surendran (Insta: @abhi_is_not_home) who plans to visit every country on the planet, and has already ticked off 83 of them from the list. He is the definition of a solo traveler, who makes great friends along the way. Presenting the couple travel perspective will be Shishira and Navneeth who go with their travel pseudonym @thebackpacksters. This super duper couple has made travel a mission along with their busy finance careers, and already visited 17 countries between them. They are sure to have a tip or two for all couples who aspire to travel together.

The meet-up will be a great forum for all travel enthusiasts to know more about travel styles, destinations and budgeting for trips. It will be an interactive session with the audience getting the chance to get all their questions answered. We are sure you have a few 🙂

Chatting with them will be Sachin Bhandary, community lead – Niyozen (Insta: @eccentricsachin) who is known as ‘the guy who took challenges around the world’. The meet-up will also provide an opportunity to other travelers to share their stories with a curious audience.

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Free Event
Date: Saturday, 27th July, 2019
Venue: The Humming Tree, Bangalore
Time: 4pm to 6pm

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