‘India needs disciplined workforce’, says Israeli change management expert at IIMBue

The IIMBue Leadership Conclave concluded with key discussions on the nuances of ‘Change’ in a resurgent India and the roadmap ahead to create a $5 trillion economy

Bengaluru, July 27, 2019: Entrepreneurs from India have ideas that can change the world but lack the discipline that is required to implement them, change management expert Rami Goldratt said on the concluding day of IIMBue, the leadership conclave of The Alumni Association of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMBAA).

The final day’s discourses were centred around motivational topics and developing practical means of achieving change that is key to the transformation of startups, businesses and the managerial workforce within the country.

The fourth edition of the prestigious event, which saw participation from alumni of IIMB and other leading B schools and 25 speakers from diverse fields, set the talking points for future discourse. Rami cited examples of firms such as Tanishq and Mazda to explain how they managed to achieve critical turnarounds in their businesses through a narrowed-down, focussed approach. “In India what the workforce lack is discipline. Its multicultural and diverse nature can achieve wonders if it can improve on this one factor, which is the key to success,” said Rami, the CEO of Goldratt Consulting & an authority on the Theory of Constraints.

Commenting on startups, he said, “The startups tend to focus on setting terms and deadlines for exit rather than creating critical solutions and adding value to it,” he added.
Motivational speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani said managers who run a rat race in life and fail to prioritise ‘self’ run the “danger of causing themselves stress and sickness and end up creating a society devoid of empathy and life.”

In her discourse with the audience, Sister Shivani aldo discussed how one can stay recharged and purposeful amidst the tectonic changes in the world. She emphasized the need to integrate emotional health into the corporate world as India ranks number one in terms of depression, especially in the corporate environment. She called out for ‘No-anger zones’ at work and simple steps like avoiding tech for an hour at the start and end of the day to sustain emotional health.

Arunachalam Murugunanthan (more famously known as padman), citing his own example, demonstrated that you don’t have to pass out of B schools to bring about change. A school dropout, he shared his 8-year experience as padman to encourage the audience to be innovative and start with a small problem to solve. His company has created 1,320 local brands and set up 4,500 machines across India. Arunachalam has helped 1,10,000 rural women with employment as well 45 million women switch from ‘unsanitary’ to sanitary pads.

“It is the responsibility of the youth to take on the mantle of development. There is a critical need for us to create 450 million semi skilled workforce. That is where we need support from B Schools and other social entrepreneurs,” he said.

Using his story-telling experiences as a filmmaker, actor-director Ramesh Aravind advised the audience to never follow the herd and work on individual integrity to bring about change.

IIMBue, the annual event that has emerged as one of the most prominent conclaves in South India, witnessed an impressive line-up of speakers including Dr. Devi Shetty, bestselling author Devdutt Pattanaik, Captain Raghu Raman and Sonam Wangchuk among others.

The focus of this year’s theme was ‘Be the Change’ and specifically designed to delve into the nuances of change and how it is bound to impact us. “The manner in which we deal with and adapt to rapid change will determine our success in the future,” explains Saif Qureishi, President, IIMBAA.

Meanwhile, IIMBAA also announced that it is expanding its scope of activities and plans to hold global events every quarter to strengthen its community of members. The IIMBAA Run, to be held in the fourth quarter of the year, will be a global chapters run for its members across the world, while another social event Anusmaran aims to bring together members for social networking in the first quarter of 2020. IIMBue Sync is the grand finale of the virtual business simulation game that members can play from anywhere across the world.

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