WORLD OF WARDWIZARD launches JOY e-bikes in

Bengaluru Bangalore, 31st July, 2019- World of Wardwizard, the Retail Outlet and Showroom of Ward wizard Solutions India Private Limited launched JOY e-Bikes at their Showroom at No. 1288/12, Lotus Court, 25th Main, 9th Block Jayanagar, Near Big Bazaar, Bangalore. These bikes are environment friendly products like Battery powered Bicycles, Mopeds, Scooters and Bikes.

Fabulous inaugural discount offers and vouchers are also part of the inaugural attraction. Mr. YATIN GUPTE, Chairman, Mr. VUAY ADHAV, Director Sales and Marketing and Mr. R. VENKATARAMANA, Franchisee and South India Promoter were present on the occassion. ABOUT COMPANY Wardwizard Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., the group steps into its 3rd year in business with further ideas for environment friendly technology and consumer health oriented products. The products available are Google Android Voice Enables Smart LED Televisions, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Air Purifiers, Sterilizers, Bluetooth speakers, Headphones, Sound Bars, Alkaline Water dispensers etc.,

The company works towards reinventing and redefining its range of electronic products and gradually expanding the range. Its goal is to make electronic products available to the consumers at an affordable range and maintaining utmost quality stands.

Its vision stands clear offer products that help to make life healthier, easier and secure.

For More Information Contact: Mr. R VENKATARAMANA/ Mobile # 7019333148

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