Evoluzione Bangalore presents Payal Pratap and Zariin Jewelry Trunk show on the 13th August 2019.

Payal Pratap:

The sound of silence:

“Meandering through the forest path, the darkness surrounds; breathing in the thick essence of pine and cedar that abound the burst of hope that accompanies a solitary ray of light; rainforest charm, enchanted ivy and foliage delight taking in the beauty of the fern and the shrub; that forest green, wild mustard, that pink rhubarb”

A collection celebrating the secrets of the forest, the solace and beauty in the silence that lives among the dense untamed undergrowth. Their only ornamentation being the changing scents, colours and sound of the forest from dawn to dusk.

The presentation has a fresh abundance of resplendent forest greens, vintage rhubarb pink, wild mustard, strong bean and pigment blue.

Fabrics take the form of handloom linen cotton and khadi. A gradation of hand-woven gingham checks, bold handloom plaids, a play of stripes and checks with selvedge details.

Fern and Foliage prints, watercolour hand painted ivy prints, vintage twig and branch prints, aged and weathered.

Soft and bold embroideries, tie dye ribbon and tape embroideries, cut work and scalloping at hems and edges. Subtle detailing that adorns with restraint. A gentle hint of fern and foliage embroideries peeping trough in small enchanted forest motifs. Embroidered lace like hems that finish edges. Signature Cross stitch with ferns, branch and twig motifs. French knots, and buffet embroidery techniques bring in a 3D element.

Silhouettes take the form of asymmetric hems and plackets, layering, maxi dresses, patchwork plays, pleats and peplums. Overlays and sheers, an easy, away from the body feel, summer jackets, peplum jackets, mix and match of checks and stripes, carefully mitered seams and zouave jumpsuits.

A versatile collection, where each piece can be used as a separate as well as with layering.

Handmade peep-toe footwear in soft leather and hand cut forest log hoops and bangles accessories the collection.

An exploratory mood that evolves the brand into a space and feels that is simpler, delicate soft, dreamy, feminine and as always contemporary and relevant.

A collection that is evocative of the Robert Frost sentiment “the woods are lovely dark and deep”.

Zariin Jewelry


Collection- Flower Power

Springing with a floral punch – Rozana’s debut collection is all about

flowers. Introducing Flower Power. A distinctively vibrant collection that boasts of design, intricate details and fabulous colours. The collection is strictly a floral burst with extraordinary statement pieces that are extremely light weight, exceptional quality and all at an unmatched affordable price. This contemporary jewelry collection uses the age old technique of enameling that is typical of Rajasthan and is known as Meenakari. Meenakari was introduced to India by the Mughals. Skillful minakars were brought to India by Raja Man Singh from the Mughal palace at Lahore. Flower Power can be assumed to be a modern rendition of Meenakari jewelry. Evocative neck pieces, dramatic earrings, chunky rings and glorious bracelets all make the collection of modern, versatile jewelry pieces that are grand in every way but light otherwise. The collection promises to bring a garden of spring to your jewelry box with enchanting colour combinations of enamel like Blue and Red or White and Black to make absolutely pristine pieces of jewelry to adorn. These pretty blossoms in metal, will definitely induce a sense of feminine pride and reinstate the power of dressing up to every wearer.

CLASSIC LITE – Collection note

Classics Lite

A collection that is polished, sophisticated and extremely stylish!

A re-inventive rendition of Zariin’s iconic Classics- the label’s debut

collection that celebrates the raw beauty of uncut natural semi precious stones. Classics Lite by Zariin captures the same aesthetics but takes a minimal route with downsized pieces of jewelry that spell delicate. Subtle jewelry is having a moment and these barely there pieces are effortlessly chic!

Available at EvoluzioneBangalore; 14 Vittal Mallaya Road, Embassy Classic.

Phone: 080- 41121088, 080- 41121089

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