Independence Day by Whitecaps Unique salute to India’s 73 Youth brigade leads

Bengaluru 13th August 2019- Young chefs from Whitecaps led the march to 73rd Independence Day celebrations in their own unique way. Whitecaps International School of Pastry presents to the world, an expression of young India’s passion, and how in today’s world patriotism sprouts in all forms and shapes. Thisereation is brought to you byChef Akshay and Chef Rohit from Whitecaps Today, the expression of patriotism takes an art form of a chocolate showpiece, dedicated to our brave hearts and the protectors of our motherland, our soldiers. This work of art is fully hand sculpted and is primarily made using.couverture chocolatefrom Callebaut which contains cocoa butter, marshmallows using dark chocolate, corn syrup, water, sugar, liquid glucose, gelatine, and rice crispies Weighing over 16 kilos and sprayed with edible food colours for a metallic finish, this showpiece took over 35 hours of craftsmanship, and is internally supported by a skeletal structure made from a threaded rod, covercd with food graded aluminium foil. The choice of colour and representation of imagery has been carefully chosento ensure it heroesthose, who have given ultimate sacrifice, and all those who continue to do so even today for India’s values and beliefs. Today, we also gain an insight into the hearts and minds of how an aspirational young India looks towards contributing to the idea of nation building. At Whitecaps International School of Pastry, we provide a platform to aspiring young chefs, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the Indian patisserie space, enabling them to represent India at a global stage. Our belief is that these young talents will lead India’s future, and Whitecaps as an organization will always aim towards positively contributing towards the idea of building a new India.

Chef ArvindPrasad, Co-Founder and Executive Pastry Chef said, “I was enthused by the energy of these young chefs and guided them throughout to express their patriotic fervor in a totally standout manner. Such occasions recharge your creative skills and I am glad I am part of it”. Squadron leader S H Bhaskar opined. “Delighted to see youngsters do this, while I am also promoting “GharGhar me ektiranga” and “Tiranga Ka Bharat Yatra” to inculcate nationalism in all Indians and seek support from every kannadiga on this day, I want to reach out to the unreached”

About Whitecaps International

Established in November 2016, WHITECAPS International School of Pastry was founded with the vision to create an environment in which people from all walks of life could indulge in their passion, by joining Whitecaps courses and honing their baking and chocolate-making skills. WHITECAPS International School of Pastry is amongst India’s premier cooking institutes, scaling new heights in the patisserie and chocolate arts scene, every day. Over 300 students have successfully completed the course and have been placed at various corporate houses. WHITECAPS is an educational institution providing an unsurpassed platform for students to bring out their talent and hone them with suitable skills to match the requirements of the global patisserie industry.

-Bernay IMC


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