Bangalore to be served by Robots

Bangalore, Saturday, August 17, 2019 – After the resounding success at Chennai and Coimbatore, Robot Restaurants now launches in Bangalore. The restaurant will be located on Indiranagar’s high street 100 feet Road and will be able to accommodate 50 diners. The menu will largely comprise of Indo Asian cuisine and will also have an exotic mocktail menu.

Hogging the limelight will be the ones serving the food, the usher and the bearers of the restaurant will be robots. The restaurant will have a team of 6 robots (one usher and 5 bearers). Each table will be equipped with a tablet from which diners can place their order and summon the robots. The food service is then done by the robots. The robots are interactive and are programmed to sing birthday wishes and wishes for special occasions.

The food is Indo Asian and the menu has a wide variety of starters, main courses and desserts from Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. The mocktail menu is long and exotic and has been a big draw at the restaurants at Chennai and Coimbatore.

Speaking at the launch Mr Venkatesh Rajendaran, Founder, Robot Restaurant – “Bangalore already has a wide variety of culinary experiences and we are confident that the Robots will be welcomed with open arms in Bangalore. Bangalore has been a dream for us at Robot Restaurants and it’s a happy and proud day for the team to see our dream come true. We are confident that Bangaloreans will enjoy the food and the ambience and with that the robots are at your service.”

The robots have been programmed to work efficiently and the staff have also undergone training from the manufacturers to attend to any issues that may arise over the course of operations.

The restaurant is open on all days for lunch and dinner and tables can be reserved

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