18-08-2019,Bengaluru:BANK OF MAHARASHTRA conducted the first stage of the bottom-up consultation process to generate ideas and review performance of public sector banks and their alignment with national priorities, at the Zonal Level on 18.08.2019 involving branches within Bengaluru Zone’s jurisdiction.Shri. N. Muniraju, General Manager, HRM, from Head Office, Pune, and Smt. Chitra S. Datar, Zonal Manager, Bengaluru Zone also participated in the process of generation of ideas and consultation.

This was a first of its kind consultation and ideation process by Public Sector Banks where the branches were themselves asked to review their performance, deliberate on the issues before the banking sector and indicate on future strategies and the way ahead. The deliberations were focused on various discussion points involving credit growth in various sectors of economy, usage of technology to bring about innovation and enable big data analytics, and make banking citizen-centric as well as more responsive to the needs and aspirations of senior citizen, farmers, small industrialists, entrepreneurs, youth, students and women.

The meet also deliberated on bank’s performance and its alignment with national priorities in areas such as :

1.Credit for infrastructure/industry (other than MSME, Agriculture and Allied Activities),
2.Credit to Farm Sector and Blue 3.Economy,
4.Jal Shakthi,
5.Housing loans,
6.MSME/Mudra/Stand-up India,
7.MSME: Alignment with Local Priorities,
8.Education loans,
9.Export Credit,
10.Green Economy,
11.Swatch Credit (Credit for Swachhata activities),
12.Financial Inclusion and Women’s Empowerment,
13.Direct Benefit Transfer,
14Cash-less / Digital Economy,
15.ATM usage and performance
Ease of living,
16.Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a result of the consultations, a number of innovative suggestions came up on how PSU Banks in general and Bank of Maharashtra in particular, may improve their performance for achieving aspirations of various sections of the society and fostering growth in areas of national priorities. All the branch/zone level suggestions will be sent for state level and national level consultation and implementation.

The consultative process has resulted in a renewed sense of involvement and purpose among the bank officials while keeping in view an active and purposeful involvement for overall economic growth of the country.

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