Dance for a cause to be held on 7th September

An evening of dance and other performances by well known artists
Bangalore 5th August 2019: Dance for cause, an evening dedicated to dance and performances will be held on 7th Sept 2019 at JSS public school Auditorium in Banashankari. The proceeds of the show will be donated towards Karnataka flood relief.

The evening will begin with Adityam- a presentation on the rhythm of life by Nrutyankura foundation. This innovative duet will be a combination of Kuchipudi by Rekha Satish and Mohiniyattam by Rekha Raju.

About Rekha Raju:

Dr. Rekha Raju, a renowned Mohiniyattam and Bharatanatyam exponent. Rekha started dancing at the age of 3, her mother, Jayalakshmi Raghavan recognised the talent in her daughter and decided to put her into the careful hands of dance guru Padmini Ramachandran to guide her in Bharatanatyam. Rekha was the youngest of all in the whole class, she involved in all the shows in just 6 months of her admission. She had a performance every week which marked her excellence in dance. Rekha mastered academics and dance together, taking a master’s degree in Business Administration and a master’s degree in performing arts simultaneously. A chartered accountant by profession, Rekha took up classical dance as her full time career due to her passion and dedication towards the art.

Dr. Rekha has involved herself with numerous NGOs like Cristel House, St. Theresa home for children, Freedom Foundation, the main objective of this would help in the holistic development of children suffering various disorders and poverty. She encourages all the art forms and as a responsible youngster she imparts knowledge about different arts forms to her students.

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