This year at PCL – meet teams from Dubai , Goa, Udaipur and Belgaum

Bangalore , September 2019 : Nine years have passed , and we are proud to share with you positive transformation stories that reaffirm our belief and efforts in this movement : yes , sport is not just an extra – curricular activity ,

*Six of our girls from the Parikrma Girls Football Club Ihave been selected to play for the Nationals lean , This includes Our student , Aishwarya too ,

*Besides leaving launched the Parikrma Boys Football Club that’s an A Division Club today , last year we launched the Girls Football Club , and are thrilled that girls from different schools in the city have approached us to be in the team and many have been selected as Well ,

*Many of our alumni have registered and obtained admissions in colleges offering sports management and a few are training to be a coach .

*A few alumni have come together and started a sports management company called Rapt Sports . The team also organised its first ever corporate football tournament in July 2019 , which witnessed active participation of 24 corporate teams .

What to expect at PCL 2019 ?

Battling it out for the Equality Cup this year are 16 teams – many government schools , and 3 out – of – station teams and GEMS from Dubai .

This year we have on board , supporting the event and as part of our leadership training and exchange program – the team from Worldwide Flight Services ( WFS ) , “ We are extremely proud to be supporting the Parikrma Champions League in September this year . We , at WFS , highly respect the Foundation for its Outstanding Work in helping the education and development of children from poor and marginalized communities , We greatly admire Parikrma’s Commitment to the development of young people and to Inspiring their future ambition , which are closely aligned to our Own Corporate values . That’s why this initiative forms a key Component of the WFS corporate Social responsibility programme and the launch event for our global BOOST ‘ talent development programme , Supporting this world class football tournament is a new and exciting challenge for the WFS ‘BOOST ‘ team members who have been are helping to organize the event , We are sure that our time and investment can make a big difference to all participants , ‘ ‘ states CEO , WES , Craig Smyth .

After raising the bar for school football sport in the city the last few years , the Parikrma Champions League in association with WFS , a one – of – a – kind U-16 boys football tournament , is back with the 9th championship tournament , which promises to be bigger and better ,

• The Coachers ‘ Pledge – where all participating coaches pledge fair play . –

• A special exhibition mixed match ( both girls and boys ) ,

• State – of – the – art technology ( bone – density test ) used to determine students ‘ ages correctly .

• Large LED screens with custom – made animations , live Video feed and a unique score tracking Systern , Young players will feel like real professionals as they Walk onto the field through a tunnel , being cheered on by crowds ,

• Outstanding individual performances and skill will be awarded with exciting prizes.

• Exhibition match on the morning of the finals . Spotters Will identify the most skilled players from 15 teams to form a Parikrma All – Star team that will take on CEO’s of Bengaluru’s Ieading Corporate Companies in a 20 – minute exhibition match .

• In an effort to raise the level of the game each year , the matches this year will have 20 – minute halves and the Semi – Finals and Finals will have 30 – minute halves , The Parikrma Champions League 2019 will be a ranking tournament for the top 8 teams who will move into the Quarter Finals after the league stage .

The Parikrma Champions League has been made possible thanks to the support of the WFS and the Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence . Identiti will provide all the clothing for the officials , Manipal Hospital Will provide medical support for the tournament , ensuring that a doctor and nurse are present at the stadium on all three days in case of any injuries of medical emergency .

“ We are really happy and proud of our ninth PCL , Each year , we have grown , evolved , unceasingly working towards making PCL one of the best state-of – the-art football tournaments in the city . Through this platform , We not only want to keep the spirit and passion of this much beloved sport alive – but persistently shed light on the importance and benefits of sports in schools , ” says Shukla Bose , founder , CEO , Parikrma Humanity Foundation ,

What is PCL ?

Despite having an excellent football team , Parikrma was often left out of inter – school football leagues hosted by various elite and international schools in Bangalore . In an effort to create a level playing field and oppose this fragmented and unequal system , We launched our own football tournament – the Parikrma Champions League ( PCL ) . The event has truly raised the bar for school level events and , since its inception in 2011 , has become one of the most coveted inter – school football tournaments in Bangalore.

Parikrma shared a Memorandum of Recommendation with the Government stressing the critical importance of Sports in schools in the year 2015 ,

The birth of Parikrma FC

A football club for the alumni and owned by Parikma , the Parikrma FC is a testimony of our children ‘ s passion and respect for the sport , This club was born in 2013 , when Parikrma Foundation provided a platform for talented footballers students , alumni and staff to take their passion a step further . Parikrma FC started as a Bangalore Division C team, and is an A Division team today ! !

The Parikrma Girls Football Club

We launched the Girls Football Club this year and our team participated in the Karnataka Football league and reached semi – finals . The team captain even Won the best mid – fielder award ,

About Parikrma Humanity Foundation

In the year 2003 , 165 children from marginalized families started a new chapter in life, huddled together on a small roof – top in a school in Rajendranagar , Bengaluru . Today , with four schools ( Jayanagar , Koramangala , Sahakarnagar and Nandini Layout ) and one junior College , Parikrma Humanity Foundation Continues to offer high quality education ( CBSE ) , hope and support to thousands of children from four orphanages and over 90 slums in the city .

We support each of our children right from 5 years old until they are an active and contributing member of society ( 25 years ) . We have the highest attendance in the country at 96 % and the lowest dropout rate at less than 1 % .

For more information , log on to : www .

What : Parikrma Champions League – 9 * Edition

When : 12 – 14 September 2019

Where : Padukone – Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence , Yelahanka

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