Parikrma Champions League (PCL)2019Winners are: Delhi Public School, North, Bangalore

PCL 2019: press release

We would like to thank the Worldwide Flight Services, our official sponsors this year for making this tournament happen.

Here are the updates:

Day 1:
The league was inaugurated by Rahul Dravid.
“Inter-school competitions which are well organised make a big difference. such events give them a feel of what national and international tournaments are. There is a lot to learn,” says Rahul Dravid

16 teams (including government and international schools and a school from Goa, Belgaum, Udaipur and Dubai) played on the first day.

Day 2:
The 8 teams that won yesterday played today.
We also had two exhibition matches – one was an all-girls football match between Bangalore Warriors and Parikrma Girls. The match was a draw. The second was a match between Stonehill International and Parikrma – Parikrma won 4-1.

An art competition was held, supported by the Lions Club, Vaishnavi. The theme was peace poster competition. Children from different schools participated – including Euro School and a government school from Shivajinagar.

Day 3:
The semi-finals was held between:
Kendriya Vidyalaya hebbal v. headstart Academy
Delhi Public School, North v. Inventure Academy

The winners of this years PCL 2019 are: Delhi Public School, North

Runners up :Kendriya Vidyalaya hebbal

Like every year, the CEOs from the top leading companies in the country participated and played a match against students.

The chief guests for the closing ceremony include:
Jerome Bovi – Scientific Attache, French Embassy
Santosh Setty: Head, CSR, State Bank of India
Sathyanarayan: General Secretary, Karnataka State Football Asociation
Humayun: MD, Indian Designs
Mr. Bhoopal, Bangalore District football Association.

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