Consider Sri. Nandhish Reddy in Cabinet Otherwise, we will be forced to go on strike

Present formation of Ministry has not considered youth leaders. The Bangalore City is represented by three major leaders from Reddy Jananga. They are the three pillars of BJP Bangalore from South, North and East. They are representing nearly one crore people from Bangalore. Its our humble request with party to consider youth leaders. All these above 10 MLAS are Well Educated, Youths and Strong Leaders and they doing Public Works in their respective Constituencies to the fullest are satisfaction of the people. During the Formation of BJP Government in Karnataka State, totally 18 MLAS had become Ministers. Viz., 1 Chief Minister and 17 Cabinet 1+17 Ministers Out of these, none of the above 10 MLAS belonging to Reddy Janangas had got the ministership chance. This is very highly improper and disgraceful to the Reddy Janangas as a whole. Reddy Janangas represents about 17-18 % of Karnataka State’s population and out of this, about 70-80% of Youths belonging to Reddy Janangas are supporting BJP Government. In Karnataka State Reddy population has increased to 96 lakhs, which is more than Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Reddy population. The Jananga has lead the society since centuries and continued to lead people wherever they are, The community majority is in to agriculture, business and different public administration streams. So, on behalf of our Reddy Janangas, we request and also demand that, out of this above mentioned 10 MLAS representing Reddy Janangas, one MLA should be considered for DMC atleast 4 MLAS are to be given Ministership and 4 MLAS are to be given Chairmanship of various Boards in Karnataka.

Further, we request with your good selves to consider Sri. Nandhish Reddy in Cabinet since he has dedicated his time to develop the BJP party in different areas of Bangalore and his contribution in election campaign lead BJP youth voters to get more We regret to inform that Reddy Jananga is not considered in state Govt. community contribution even though we represent 17-18 % population and our to welfare of society in vairuos fields. again to look into the matter personally and fulfill We request you once Otherwise, we will be forced to go on strike after the our above wishes. prevailing flood crises in Karnataka. early date.


Reddy Sevadala (R)

City Today News



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