Kannada: State language …. Hindi: The national language…. English: International Language ….. Is this linguistic formula correct? Is it constitutional?

Kannada: State language ….
Hindi: The national language….
English: International Language …..

Is this linguistic formula correct?
Is it constitutional?
Is it real?
Is it practical?
Is it good or deadly for Kannada?
Is it good or dangerous for India’s federal system?
Is it a supplement to language anemia and country anemia?
Is it for cultural, economic, social and educational harmony? Destruction?….

Whether you are a true Kannada fan,
Whether you’re a passionate patriot,
Whether you are a Hindi language scholar,
Regardless of whether you are a natural natural person and whatever, you can only get close to the reality of the matter when you find the right answer to a few questions before making a clear opinion on the subject. It is called the collective consciousness view.

1) What will be the consequences if all the states of India are forced to teach it as a compulsory language?

2) Is there a need for Hindi imposition when Hindi has equal status in 22 languages in the Constitution?

3) Is it possible to maintain the current state of affairs without at least getting rid of the pressure of the Hindi language and that the regional languages are not really destroyed?

4) Are these languages too weak to tolerate Hindi language? In a competitive world, how many fears are there in our language when competence and trust are so strong?

5) Is it acceptable in this democratic union system that Hindi should become the language of the country because it is spoken by a little more people?

6) What is special about not only regional languages but also Hindi language? And does it mean that there are factors that enhance administrative, cultural and country unity in Hindi? Will the country’s governance be smoother from Hindi? Do you remember the number of illiterates in the country?

7) Are scholars, philosophers, linguists, cultural spokespersons of India, who claim that Hindi should be declared a national language? World famous suspects? Or just politicians with power?

8) Is language just a communication art? Or is the language part of the body? Is that the nature of our behavior? Is it the lifeblood of our culture? Is that our way of rice? Is that a personality?

9) What language is it to live? Is it any small matter to accept the divinely imposed Hindi imposition that somehow it is enough to live?

9) Some Kannada militants may roll call, use language for livelihood, may oppose Hindi intrusion, enroll their children to English media school, tell the reasons and evidences that Kannada fans will most likely see Hindi cinema and make their self-assertiveness ineffective (D – MORALISE) The imposition of Hindi on the great Kannada The samarthisikollabahude? Is it okay for us to split in such a case?
Can some omissions be discussed separately?

11) Is it okay to oppose the imposition of Hindi on our ground when it is widespread, the English language, which is a fascinating employer and the sole proprietorship of most of the education in all the states of our country, has made it difficult for us not to spoil our country?

12) It is important to note that if the government is forcibly imposing the English language, or if there are media schools such as Kannada Hindi, will people choose English as their own?

13) If Hindi is the self-selecting of all people in the English-language model, nobody can stop it? If so why the coercion?

14) What is the essence of this “imposition” when everyone, constitutionally, has the freedom to learn any language, read the language of the language, watch the movies, enjoy it, and enhance their knowledge?

15) Is this imposition correct when all the world’s history experts say that mother tongue is the real cause of all our learning and intuition within us? Do not our children stand between the children of the mother tongue when they are forcibly imposing their own language?

16) Please note. Do you see in the long run that this imposition is beyond the scope of the risk of making our entire cultural persona and making us linguistic untouchables? It is said to be a supplementary language with the mother tongue. But is there any doubt that the inner calculation is different?

When we look at the answers to many of the questions that arise and come to mind, we can form an opinion about the imposition of the Hindi language with the knowledge of the collective consciousness that arises in us.

No one is jealous of Hindi or any other language. Everyone has respect for that language. But we only have to protest against the inclusion of any language other than dialect.
Let us not forget that the true strength of the Indian Union system lies in its diversity. It is to be condemned by all.

It is already clear that the linguistic ideal of a single country does not suit us. Respect your views too …..

A mature mind is a mature society.
With the goal of improving people’s living standards,
Intrinsic Movement of Minds.


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