ARTIST and Govt. of Karnataka PPP Model to scale women’s healthcare delivery across the state

*ARTIST to use digital platforms to train frontline healthcare providers to deliver quality care, nationally.
*Will leverage technology to transform healthcare challenges and opportunities.

Bengaluru: Hospitals and healthcare organizations are increasingly collaborating with technology specialists to digitize and scale elements of their service framework and interface. Technology is positively transforming various elements of healthcare delivery, facilitating skill development, removing bottlenecks, widening accessibility, and is gradually democratizing healthcare.

A decade and a half back, ARTIST – Asian Institute for Research and Skill Transfer a platform for excellence in women’s healthcare research and skilling founded by internationally recognized obstetrician and gynecologist and former FOGSI ambassador to FIGO Dr. Hema Divakar, in association with Karuna Trust and Govt of Karnataka, launched First Referral Unit in Santhemarahalli a rural geography. The pilot project ‘Panchami’ a centre of excellence for Maternal and Child Healthcare, focussed on training the frontline healthcare providers to deliver quality women’s healthcare. As a result, pregnancy delivery scaled up from 10 a month to over 350 a month. What differentiated ‘Panchami’ was its protocol driven quality of care leading to remarkable outcomes. It fostered trust among women.

“The success of First Referral Unit model encouraged us to replicate the program in remote rural geographies of Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in association with Skill India. Karnataka ranks lowest among the South Indian states in the delivery of quality maternal healthcare and neonatal care. Our mission is to change that and ensure irrespective of where women go, they should receive quality healthcare. In association with Govt. of Karnataka we are now seeking collaborations and partnerships to scale the model in both private and public healthcare systems across Karnataka through Digital Platforms. Subsequently the same model will be replicated in other states too.” emphasized Dr. Hema Divakar, Chairperson and CEO of ARTIST speaking at the National Health Summit -2019 on ‘Transformation in healthcare challenges and opportunities’ organized by Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Associations (PHANA).

Skilling is another key aspect that technology is making possible today at a large scale and has gained significance in India aiming to improve the ratio of healthcare providers and patients. “For the 30 million deliveries that happens in a year in India, at least 1 million skilled healthcare providers are required. Ever since the founding of ARTIST Skill Gurukool in 2007, we have conducted digitally delivered and technology assisted skills training programs, capacity enhancement workshops, which have helped over 10,000 ObGyns with online certification courses, 1,000 paramedics and 5,000 students in enhancing their capabilities and gaining hands on experience through skills transfer courses on a variety of topics related to women’s health care. ARTIST will also, continue to train healthcare providers to adopt a digital engagement framework to complement the conventional patient engagement system so as to help them scale their accessibility.” added Dr. Hema.

Although the Indian healthcare system may be comparatively slower in leveraging new technologies, for many people in urban, semi urban and rural areas the digital
world has become a way of life due to various factors like Digital India, the availability of low-cost mobile phones & internet connectivity and operating systems in regional languages. Some rightly insist on getting “state of the art” digitally delivered healthcare and for others it’s an opportunity to get quality and affordable healthcare at a larger scale.

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