Samsung Dominates the South Market with 49% Market Share in Premium QLED TV segment

Bangalore,India – 30th September , 2019: Samsung India, the country’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics and smartphones brand, has clocked a strong growth in India for their QLED TVs category with 49% value market in 2019. The market share of Samsung’s TV category in Southern India increased from 46% in first half of the year to 49% in July 2019. The brand expects to bolster its market share in western region this festive season.

India witnessed one of the biggest trends of migration to larger screens. Interestingly, the acceptance of larger display TVs has grown in tier 2 and 3 cities as compared to Tier 1 cities. This trend was majorly due to increasing preference for larger displays; in 2019, the 55” and above Samsung TV category witnessed 55% growth in non-metro cities whereas in metros and tier 1 cities it was 40%.

Samsung has been a market leader in the TV category for 13 years with 30% market share in India. Samsung’s commitment and consumer centric approach in innovation and technology, backed by strong R&D and robust after-sales service has helped the brand to be at the forefront with first-to-market innovations such as LED TV, Smart TV, Curved TV, Curved UHD TV, QLED TV, The Frame and now QLED 8K TV. Introducing game-changing products in the Indian market has helped the brand to further consolidate its position as a market leader across segments and it aims to close the year with 34% market share in TV category.

With introduction of QLED TVs lineup in 2017 in India, the category has witnessed unprecedented growth while providing innovative and customer centric products to the consumers. Building on success of the previous QLED TV range, Samsung recently launched World’s First QLED 8K TVs in India and expects to build a strong fan following for the product. The AI-powered 8K Upscaling technology in the recently launched QLED 8K TVs enhances lower resolution content to 8K quality. Q HDR 8K, powered by HDR10+ technology, optimizes the TV’s brightness levels and delivers the visual experience intended by creators.
The 8K QLED TVs allow one to perfectly immerse themselves into the screen that comes with 33million pixels, providing for real and exceptionally true-to-life picture quality. In addition, the QLED 8K features Direct Full Array Elite for enhanced contrast and precision. A welcome addition to any living space, the 8K QLED comes with ambient mode which doubles the TV up, as a piece of art, while the one connect box maintains aesthetics of the room, doing away with unsightly wires dangling from the TV.

A More Comprehensive Lineup
Samsung’s QLED lineup offers sixteen models in a range of sizes to suit the needs of every home and every lifestyle. The 2019 QLED 8K lineup is available in four sizes ranging from 65 inch (163 cm), 75 inch (189 cm), 82 inch (207 cm) and 98 inch (247 cm). The 2019 QLED lineup offers twelve televisions from 43 inches (108 cm) to 82 inches (207 cm) across four series.

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