“HKIT Security Solutions Launched its Foundation Today” The foundation was launched by Shri Sanjay Sahay, IPS ADGP

HKCS Foundation to create opportunities to Government school students by introducing

Cyber security education

Shri Sanjay Sahay IPS- ADGP Police Computer Wing Karnataka Police launches HKCS Foundation

Bengaluru, 03 October 2019: HKIT Security Solutions launched its Foundation today with a mission to provide free education & create employment to 1000 students by 2020 & with a vision to create cyber security awareness for 1 million by the year 2025. The foundation was launched by Shri Sanjay Sahay, IPS ADGP who is presently Heading Karnataka State Police Computer Wing.The foundation is powered by Cyber Security Researchers and Technology Veterans. Its major mission is to support the Digital India Movement.

Cyber security is one of today’s most in-demand fields growing three times faster than many other IT jobs. Every other business around the world is seeking trained professionals who can help protect their organisation data from risks of cyber-attack. But there is a significant shortage of qualified candidates to fill these roles and this is expected to reach 1.8 million open jobs by 2022.

Several aspirant students are deprived of their education as they come from economically challenged backgrounds. Lack of awareness on cyber security, institutions with high fees & the assumption that only top technical individuals can do it, discourages student to take up these courses. To motivate such student, bridge the gap and to create hope in their lives that education is everyone’s right, HKCS Foundation a Centre for Cyber Excellence was founded in 2019. HKCS Foundation in collaboration with the Govt of Karnataka has taken up the initiative to create opportunities to such students by introducingindustrial level cyber security education, training, certification and placement in reputed firms.

Chief Guest Sanjay Sahay,IPS said: “There is lack of cyber security awareness in our country and it is sad to state that we lack experts too in this field. 5 out of 10 are not aware about cyber security. Recent attacks have proved that data has not been safely stored due to week encryption. We need to create more opportunities for cyber security experts to handle merging cyber criminals. I am willing to mentor and guide and share my knowledge to anyone who are willing to learn for creating a better society. I congratulate the initiative of HKCS Foundation and extend my support in all their programs. Wishing them all the best”.

Dr. Harsha E Thennarasu Founder of HKCS Foundation & HKIT Security Solutions said: “All through my career I have been thinking of giving back to the society. The right opportunity has now come to me. My expertise is in the field of cyber security. I would like to provide free education to the economically challenged students who are deprived of education due to lack of awareness and high fees. In the next 1 year I shall provide free education to student’s, batch wise in all Government colleges in Bangalore and place them with our clients or HKIT itself will provide them job opportunities in their projects. Our program will be very transparent and anyone who wishes to be a part of our program are more than welcome”.

More details: https://www.hkcsfoundation.org/

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