Shree Durga Maa celebrations 2019 in Tagore Cultural Hall at The Bengalee Association

It is a great pleasure and privilege to hold Shree Durga Maa celebrations 2019 in Tagore Cultural Hall at The Bengalee Association, Assaye Road, Bengaluru between 3rd October to 8th October 2019,

Shree Durga Maata puja reminds me of my visit to Shree Kalika Durga Maa Kolkata during 2009, when I was election observer of Arambagh Parliamentary Constituency. Hoogli district during May 2009. It was such a wonderful and vivid experience to seek Maa’s blessings.

Then and in a similar platform now, at The Bengalee Association, Bengaluru which has further enhanced my devotion and dedication to see Shree Durga Maa in different angles of decoration.

My joy knew no bounds and really blessed and privileged spiritualistic celebrations of Shree Durga Maa Puja 2019 now. Karnataka is a model state for peace and tranquility,brotherhiood, communal harmony, paving way for universal secularism and spiritualism which has been ignited by Swamy Vivekananda during 1893, at Chicago Conference of World Religions, wherein from the first time this young, spiritualistic and secularistic leader addressed the congregation an initial inspiring speech as “Brothers and Sisters”, which awakened the westerners towards spiritualism and culture of India.

Karnataka, the land of gold, silk, honey, milk is a cultural and spiritual hub of India. So much so, when you have a reminiscence of Vijaya Dashami, Navami and Ayudha Pooja of Palace City of Mysore. This really reminds each one of us of above the sacrosanct celebration attached to Shree Durga Maa Puja, Wherein at Chamundi Hills also, the Government of Karnataka through the inauguration at Chamundi Foot Hills marks a beginning each year of Dussera in Mysore. This reminds Dussera of Vijayanagar emperors who were the profounders of Dussera in India.

I wish from the bottom of my heart all the very best and success in every person’s or individuals new ventures and let Shree Durga Maa bless all of us with peace, prosperity, health and tolerance.

Once again, my sincere greetings to all on the eve of Shree Durga Maa Puja as Administrator of the Administrator The Bengalee Association of Bengaluru.

-Dr. D.S.Ashwath, IAS Administrator

The Bengalee Association Assaye Road, Sivan Chetty Garden P.O Bengaluru-560042

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