The TTE told the girl to get off the train immediately, Suddenly, a voice from behind said “I will pay for her”.

Once a TTE (Train Ticket Examiner) who was on duty on a Bangalore bound train from Mumbai caught a girl who was hiding under a seat. She was around 13 or 14 years old.
The TTE asked the girl to produce her ticket. The girl hesitantly replied that she had no ticket.
The TTE told the girl to get off the train immediately.

Suddenly, a voice from behind said “I will pay for her”. That was the voice of Mrs. Usha Bhattacharya, who was a college lecturer by profession. Mrs. Bhattacharya payed for the girl’s ticket and requested her to sit near her.she asked her what her name was.

“Chitra”, the girl replied.
“Where you are going?”
“I have nowhere to go.” the girl said..
“Then come with me.” Mrs. Bhattacharya told her. After reaching Bangalore, Mrs. Bhattacharya handed over the girl to an NGO, to be taken care of. Later Mrs. Bhattacharya shifted to Delhi and the two lost contact with each other.

After around 20 years Mrs. Bhattacharya was invited to San Francisco (USA) to deliver a lecture in a college there.

She was in a restaurant, having a meal. After she finished she asked for the bill , but she was told that bill was already paid for. When she turned back, she saw a woman with her husband smiling at her. Mrs. Bhattacharya asked the couple, “why did you pay my bill? “

The young woman replied, “Ma’m, the bill I paid is extremely little, compared to the fare you paid for me for that train journey from Mumbai to Bangalore .
Tears rolled down from the eyes of both women.

“Oh Chitra… It’s you..!!!” Mrs.Bhattacharya said happily astonished

While hugging each other, the young lady said, “Ma’m my name is not Chitra now. I am Sudha Murty. And this is my husband… Narayan Murty”.

Don’t be astonished. You are reading the true story of Mrs. Sudha Murty, the chairman of Infosys Ltd, and Mr. Narayan Murty, the man who established the multy million Infosys soft ware company.

Yes, the little help you extend to others can change their whole lives!

“Please do not withhold doing good to those in distress esp when it is in your power to do it”.

City Today News



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