With Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology,KSRTC organised a Free Cancer screening Programme for its women employees

For the first time in KSRTC, in collaboration with Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, KSRTC organised a Free Cancer screening Programme for its women employees at Depot 2, Bangalore central Division.

During the inaugural event, Managing Director, KSRTC, Shri Shivayogi C.Kalasad IAS, while addressing the staff told ‘KSRTC has a total 3200 women employees and together with other sister corporations has total 8500 women employees.

Lady conductors and mechanical staff have been performing difficult and tough job in the organisation. Since, women employees have been working both at home and at workplace, it is necessary for us to keep them fit and healthy. Their well being for the organisation is paramount for any Healthy organisation and its our responsibility. Hence, in this regard KSRTC is been conducting a prevention care for their health. This would be first one and would be extended to all other divisions too, he said.

Smt.Kavitha S.Mannikeri IAS, Director (Personell& Environment) , Dr.Mahanthesh, Dr.Sathyanarayana, Chief Labour Welface officer, KSRTC, Divisional Controller Bangalore Central divisions and others were present.

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