Dentsply Sirona and Kamakshi Dental launch a Revolutionary Technology in Dental Care Treatment for the FIRST TIME IN BANGALORE

* Single Visit Dentistry to change the way Bengaluru Smiles

*Superior, Sophisticated, and Cost Effective Dental Treatment comes to Bengaluru

NATIONAL, Thursday, 28th Nov, 2019: Long in the tooth dental procedures will be long gone, to make way for a revolutionary treatment in dental care. Single Visit Dentistry with CEREC Technology changes the way dentistry is practiced with minimized repeat visits to the dentist. Not just that, in just a single visit, patients can have their finished crown, and treatment too!

This cutting edge technology was launched in Bengaluru today, by Shri C. T. Ravi, Government of Karnataka, Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, Kannada Culture and Sugar Portfolio.

The event was presided by Dr. V Ranganath, Vice President, Karnataka State Dental Council and Dr. Veerendra Kumar B, President, IDA Bangalore Branch. Dr. Akarsh Sundar, MD, Kamakshi Dental and Mr. B. N. Kutty, Business Head Dentsply Sirona were also present at the occasion.

Speaking about the revolutionary technology, Dr. Hari Prabhu, Professional Product Specialist,South, Dentsply Sirona says, “Dentsply Sirona is the world’s only CEREC manufacturer. Over 50,000 CEREC systems (chairside) are installed around the world and over 7.5 million dental restorations are made with CEREC systems globally. The USP of this city (Bangalore), is that its citizens adapt and accept developmental technology before anyone else in India. The very reason we have seen a large acceptance to our pilot project with CEREC in Bangalore. We have partnered with over 50 dental practitioners all over India to further this cause. By end of 2020 we aim to increase our footprint by 200%”

Delving further into the infrastructure investment in Bangalore, Dr. Akarsh Sundar, Kamakshi Dental says, “There is no doubt that in today’s times, technology has made our lives easy and simultaneously efficient as well. And people from all walks of life have been using it for benefiting themselves in numerous ways. Similarly in the field of Dentistry, there has always been a need for innovation and technology, which has led to redefining the way we practice dentistry. We here at Kamakshi Dental believe that we can deliver the best to our patients in terms of comfort, convenience, cost and time by incorporating the latest technology in the world into our practice. Hence, we are thrilled to have partnered with Dentsply Sirona to launch CEREC system of Single Visit dentistry and Integrated Implantology for the first time in Bangalore. With Indian’s Medical and Dental Tourism booming, we are indeed proud to say that Kamakshi Dental will be on par with global technology providing world class treatment to each one of our patients”

He further adds, “It was indeed a moment of pride and joy for all of us here today at the launch of the World’s Best Single Visit crowns in Bangalore for the first time ever. I am sure this celebration will go down the history as one of the glorious events that has raised the benchmark of dental practice here in Bangalore”.

This Single Visit Dentistry with CEREC Technology is available ONLY at KAMAKSHI DENTAL in Bengaluru. Dr. Akarsh Sundar, Kamakshi Dental, and Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies present this revolutionary technology that can fix dental problems like Root Canal or Teeth Damage, in just one sitting.

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