Art_illume Presented Seminar on Technology for Art

‘The Power of Collaboration in New Media Arts’

December 2nd 2019, Bangalore: ArtIllume, a platform introducing and encouraging the amalgamation of art science and technology – Experimental new media arts, has presented their seminar on Technology for Art: The Power of Collaboration in New Media Arts, at 91Springboard, 7th block,, Koramangala, Bengaluru.
The seminar focused on experimental new media arts, its significance and the new technology revolution in the experimental arts. This brought together a diverse group of students, artists, critics, designers, and technology experts under one roof to discuss the current scenario of new media arts and technology in India.

Speakers in the seminar included Mr. Allan Parker- Contemporary Artist & Designer, Mr. Gururaj Nayak- Founder, Qogno Digital Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Ms. Marialaura Ghidini- Contemporary Art Curator & Writer and Ms. Rajshree Sharma- Creative Director, Artillume.
The panel consisted of distinguished personalities, Mr Vishal Kumaraswamy –New Media Artist & curator, Programme Director, Walkin Studios and Mr. Shashank Satish- Founder & Artist- Curator at Holy Cow! Studio.

Speaking about the seminar Ms. Rajshree Sharma, Creative Director of Artillume said, “Creative thinkers always desire to give wings to their ideas however either fear of the unfamiliar or the lack of opportunities keeps one from it. We believe that the Artillume initiative is going to be a big enabler of such creators through encouraging and exhibiting public display of new media light art in open spaces.”
About Artillume: Artillume is a convergence zone for fearless artists, designers, programmers, students, and all possible transdisciplinary creative enthusiasts. They are here to bridge the gap between creative processes and their commercial output.

Artillume believes, through collaborations, conferences, art meet-ups, workshops and seminars, various practitioners, students, and emerging artists, get introduced to this extended new media community. This curation and incubation will result in public displays of creativity and will encourage an appreciation for new media art among the general public by bringing them closer to the immersive engagement with installations.
For more about ArtIllume, click here

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