“ITF 2019′ is happening from December 14″, 2019 to December 21”

Prabhath Auditoriums is an initiative to bring various state-of-the-art performance spaces under one roof while creating beautiful cosmoses for artists to connect with their audience, It intends to provide an engaging platform for young artists and hopes to cultivate the wondrous culture of performing arts. Prabhath auditoriums was started three years ago and has witnessed over 1000 shows across its 3 spaces and has recently added its fourth space at Jakkur. Prabhath Auditorium’s stage has hosted over 800 artists and around 2,00,000 audience in its 3 years. We have hosted dance, theatre, music and various comedy performances every month. Prabhath aims to find a self-sustaining model for itself and artists who are associated with the organization without the support of grants and funds. To support this vision, Prabhath has created various curated programs such as Aayam, Ondanondu Kathe, Nataka 365 etc. Aayam is an initiative to cultivate the culture of ticketing dance shows for independent artists of which, a part of the ticketing is given to the performer. Aayam opened with the series celebrating male classical dancers and has seen about 4 male dancers and wishes to conclude it with a dance festival. Taking the love for literature and acting a step further, Ondanondu Kathe, curates, stories in performance by actors, who choose short stories written by new age writers. ONK saw a great success with 5 performers and 5 wonderful short stories.

We are hosting Nataka 365, in which 365 plays will be hosted at KH Kalasoudha everyday starting this Jan and running through the year in which the teams need not pay a rent but both the team and the venue will make an effort in bringing theatre lovers every day to the venue. This is an effort to encourage theatre teams and make the space affordable. For its 3rd anniversary, Prabhath Auditoriums is holding an ‘Intimate Theatre Festival’ at Prabhath Kalapoornima housed at the bustling markets of NR Colony, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. The Intimate Theatre Festival is seeing 8 wonderful plays of different parts of state from December 14th, 2019 to December 21, 2019 by 8 amazing and reputed directors learned from different drama schools like Ninasam Theatre Institute, Heggodu, National School of Drama, Inter-Cultural Theatre Institue, Singapore etc. It is bringing together a blend of various genres of plays. With the rents and accessibility of theatre being difficult, it calls for a new trend for alternative performance spaces. That being said, we need productions that are made to fit into the constraints of small spaces. ITF is an effort to explore this possibility in Kannada theatre. ITF aims to encourage theatre teams to experiment with new spaces like Prabhath Kalapoornima and create content for these spaces, and ITF is just the beginning. We at Prabhath Auditoriums are extremely thankful to our supporters who have lifted our extreme burdens. Personal thanks to Vyjayanti Adiga from Pakashala for their undying support as our hospitality partners. Pakashala is one of the popular brands of Bengalores food lovers. Having branches in various parts of Bangalore, they have proved that they provide the best food in an utmost hygienic environment. Kalyan from Clay Bag, a new startup , didn’t hesitate even for a minute to extend their support as our print and merchandise partners Claybag is working towards providing hassle-free and truly affordable customised merchandise for businesses big and small. They are constantly trying to make it simple and easy for you to order at affordable prices. “ITF 2019′ is happening from December 14″, 2019 to December 21”, 2019 every day at 7.30PM at Prabhath Kalapoornima, NR colony.

We understand parking is a constrain so we have organized for parking at Ashwath Rangamandira. Each play is priced at Rs 150/-; We also have a seasonal pass of Rs 800/- (Entry for all the plays) Tickets are available for booking at http://www.bookmyshow.com. We are also accepting tele-booking. Contact Details for Tele-booking: +91-9538095394/+91-9632057799 http://www.prabhathauditoriums.com

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