Youth Photographic Society, Bengaluru is organizing a Photography Exhibition titled ‘BEST OF THE BEST’, to celebrate the stupendous achievement by winning 65+ BEST CLUB AWARDS from both National and International Photography Salons held in India as well as abroad in the last two years. “Salon’ means exhibition of art for the viewing pleasure of public. When salons are arranged to display photographic art, such exhibitions are called “Photography Salons”.

Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) having its headquarters presently at Paris, France was founded in 1946 and Photographic Society of America (PSA) founded in 1934 having its headquarters in Oklahoma, USA, are two internationally recognised bodies in the field of photography. These bodies started recognising photography salons and awarding distinctions like AFIAP, EFIAP, MFIAP & APSA, EPSA etc., in the field of photography. Royal Photographic Society (RPS) of London is another well known body, who award distinctions like ARPS, FRPS etc. to individuals based on their photography work. All the above distinctions are recognised world over and every photographer feels proud to suffix the distinctions achieved. Apart from the above, various other bodies like Global Photographic Union (GPU), Master of Light Photographic Association (MoL PA), International Union of Photographers (IUP) and Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) have also come into existence subsequently and started recognising salons.

Photography Salons are organised by various photographic clubs across the world under patronage of photographic bodies as mentioned above, in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down. All the salons organised in India are required to obtain patronage of FIP the National Body. The photographs submitted by the entrants in any recognised salon are subjected to judging by erminent panel of jury and selection of pictures are done for exhibition which is termed as ‘Acceptances’ and among them ‘Awards’ are given to most deserving photographs, while doing so the standards as prescribed by patronage bodies are strictly adhered and the conditions prescribed are complied.

YPS members participated in such ‘Photography Salons’ in very high number due to constant guidance, support and encouragement extended to them by creating a platform to encourage group participation. As a result YPs members achieved very high rate of success by winning acceptances as well as awards. Most of the organizing bodies, based on the number of member’s success by each of the participating clubs award points to each of the photograph winning Acceptance and Award, and the photography club acquiring highest points are given BEST CLUB AWARD. In the last two years YPS has won 65+ BEST CLUB AWARDS from about 100 different ‘Photography Salons’ held across the world.

To celebrate this spectacular achievement and to have the award winning and best works of the salon participation group, YPS is organizing an exhibition titled ‘Best of the Best that will display about 84 selected works by the members which have bagged Acceptances and Awards in various photography salons. We invite and encourage all interested people of the city to visit this exhibition and encourage the artists as well as feel proud about the achievements of a club from our own Bengaluru. The details of the exhibition venue, date and time are as under:

Dates Of Exhibition 14.12.2019 And 15.12.2019 Exhibition Timing 10.00 AM TO 6.00 PM

Venue:Karnataka Chithrakala Parishath, No.1, Art Complex, Kumara Krupa Road, KP West, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru-560001

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