63 Year RAMESH BABU SETS 2 more Inaugural Skipping World Records in 1 Hr.

63 Year RAMESH BABU a Retired Metallurgical Scientist (Ph.D. from IISc., Bangalore in 1985). As a hobby he have been setting world records, recognized by various Books of Records.

Very recently, he has broken the current Guinness World Record in Most Skips in 30 Sec., Using the Longest Rope of 10m (33 Ft) and set my 71st World Record, by achieving 32 skips in 30 seconds, which is 6 more than the current Guinness record shared by 2 Japanese in 2018. It may be of interest to note that earlier he had also set a WR in Fastest Skipping in 1 Min.(270), WR in Fastest Single Leg Skipping in 30 Seconds(88) and also WR in Fastest 100m Skip Running (16.38sec).

Having recently mastered the technique of handling 33 Ft long skipping rope which is 4 times longer than the normal skipping ropes, He continued my interest, conceived new record ideas, and today he has set two more World Records in 1 Hr., in the related area namely : WR73 : Skipping Using the Worlds Longest Skipping Rope ever used, measuring 46 feet 4 ½ inches (14.14 meter) ( Achieved 18 Skips in 30 Seconds ) WR74: 100m Skip Running Using The Worlds Longest Skipping Rope Ever Used, Measuring 35 ½ feet (10.82 meter) ( Achieved 100m skip running in just 22.10 Sec )

WR73 is very tricky as the rope length of 464.5 is nearly 6 times the normal skipping rope length, and it requires very special skills to manage and maneuver the skipping rope rotation without getting entangled. This demands a very strenuous and physically quite challenging extraordinary power to pull the rope, particularly considering my present age of 63 Years. However, He had systematically experimented with nearly 15 various skipping rope materials. Undeterred by a series of failures, with dogged efforts, ultimately he struggled hard to discover and master the technique of successfully skipping using the 46 Ft length rope. His personal best performance during the video recorded practice session was 17 Skips in 30 Seconds. He is Happy to have improved this today by one more skip, after struggling hard with few trials.

WR74 involved not only managing to skip using 35 ½ Ft rope, but to simultaneously run faster as well. This skip running is entirely different from the conventional rope skip running in which he already have a World Record ( 100 m skip run in 16.38 sec), because with each skip, the rope tip touches the ground nearly 16 feet ahead. For this record, not only did he experiment with rope materials, but the terrain as well. Finally, He learnt to successfully skip run using 35 ½ Ft length rope on the tarred road of my residential locality, Tatanagar. His personal best performance during the video recorded practice session was 100m skip run in 24 seconds. But today, He put in his best efforts and confidently improved the performance to cloak just 22.10 seconds !

Interestingly, the rope material that he had successfully used for his WR71, did not work neither for his present WR73 nor WR74 !

The experimental success did not come easy. He went through a very rigorous 6 weeks physical training of almost 5 Hrs a day, which comprised of 2 ½ Hr. skipping practice, 1 ½ Hr. Yoga, ½ Hr Cycling and ½ Hr. walking.

The record skipping ropes used for setting the 2 World Records were self made, using commercially available electric cable ropes (4mm diameter round grey coloured rope for WR73 and 5mm flat white rope of 3 mm thickness for WR74) and 2 handles made of ½ CPVC Pipes each of 2 ½ Ft length. The space between the rope and the pipe handles were tightly stuffed with glassy paper to firmly hold the long rope in position during the rope rotation. The total weight of the record skipping ropes prepared as above were 540g and 525g for the WR73 & WR74 respectively. Even though He is an alumnus of IISc., He was denied permission to practice on the wooden court at IISc, by the Asst Registrar, in-charge of IISc Gymkhana. Also, permission was denied to practice on the BBMPs wooden court of the indoor basket ball stadium of Malleswaram by the former Olympian (Mr. Dilip) who is at the helm of affairs. Sadly, this is the encouragement record holders get in India. But with strong determination to achieve, He practiced on the accessible hard cement basket ball court of a nearby school. However, the last 10 days of practice was done on the twin wooden badminton courts of Chairmans club, with kind permission by its owner Mr. CHETAN, the BMP Corporator of Kodigehalli ward.


WR73 : Wooden Shuttle Badminton Court, Chairmans Club
Kodigehalli Main Road, Opp. Medstar Hospital, Sahakaranagar, Bangalore 560092
On Monday, 23 December, 2019, commencing at 9 A.M.
WR74 : Tatanagar 5th Main Road, Near Brahmins Kitchen, Kodigehalli, Bangalore 560092
On Monday, 23 December, 2019, at 10 A.M.

The records were officially set following the standard norms set by the Books of Records for such feats, and were witnessed by the general public. Digital display stop watch and a mechanical counter were used for accurate timing and counting. The entire record feat was professionally video photographed by independent cameras from different angles.

The Authenticating Officials were : Mr. B. N. REDDY, Dip. Civil Engg World Record Holder in Frisbee Rallies, CEO, Caden Surveying Co. Ltd., Bangalore, Mr. K.R. NARAYAN, B.A., B.P.Ed., Physical Education Teacher & Trainer, St. Philomena School, Dodda Bommasandra, Bangalore and Mr. B. ASHOK KUMAR, B.A., Graphic & Printing Consultant, Bangalore, who has been the Log-Book Official for more than 15 World Records.

The complete set of authentication documents together with video proof will be sent to the various Books of Records, for official recognition, after a press conference to be held shortly.

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