Seminar on USA Employment / Business Visas In The Trump Era Keynote Speaker : Ms. Attorney Sheela Murthy, Founder & President, Murthy Law Firm, USA

On 3rd January 2020 (Friday) an interesting Seminar on USA Employment / Business Visas In The Trump Era is being organized by the private business facilitator, “The Global Trade Driver”, at Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road, Bengaluru. The Keynote speaker at the programme is Ms. Sheela Murthy, Founder and CEO, Murthy Law Firm, USA. The Murthy Law Firm is one of the top US Immigration Law firms in the World today. Attorney Ms.Sheela Murthy is a top-notch US Immigration lawyer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
US Visas are very important for the Indian IT Industry as many Indian IT professionals go to the US on different types of US Visas to work. Some of the recent changes in the US Immigration / Visa programme are impacting the travel of Indian professionals to the US and thus affecting the Industry.
The Seminar will cover recent changes and the happenings in the US immigration Policy (Particularly Business and Work), B Visas, L Visas, Eb-5 Visas and Visa Application Procedures.
The other speakers in the seminar include Mr. R.Raju, President, KASSIA, a vibrant SME Industry body, Dr. R.Srinivasan, former President, Computer Society of India and Senior Scientist – NAL (Retd), Mr.D.V.Venkatagiri, CEO, The Global Trade Driver and Mr.Senthil Kumar, Managing Attorney, Murthy Immigration Services, India
The Global Trade Driver is a private niche forum specializing in linking Indian Companies with the US and other markets. For participating in the programme, please call 7401644840 or email

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