All India Industrial Strike on the slogan of Save the Industries – Save the Workers

At the call of the All India Joint Committee of Trade Unions, Karnataka Workers Union will actively participate in the All India Strike on 8″ January, 2020. Due to wrong economic policies of the BJP led government, small and medium scale industries are facing problems through out India. Many of the industries are closed and many are on the verge of closure. Especially automobile manufacturing and allied industries are in distress and lakhs of workers of this sector are facing the job security problems. Closures, lay-offs. retrenchments, compulsory holidays, compulsory leave without wages arc daily routine in this sector and lakhs of workers in this sector are in trouble due to job loss and loss of wages.

BJP government came to power in the center with a promise of creating 10 crore jobs for the youths, but now Modi government is very much silent regarding saving the jobs of the youths through out India leave alone creating new jobs. Due to job loss, unemployment, price rise the common people are on the brink of starvation. By putting forth the issue of Article 370 in Kashmiar, Mandir-Masjid issue and Citizenship Registration, the central government is diverting the minds of the common people from their day to day hardships.

The present BJP led central government is making scrious cfforts to amend the present labour acts and laws in favour of the multinational companies and big industrial houses of this nation. The present labour laws and acts came into existence due to century long struggles of the working class of this nation. The central government is trying to destabilise the Employees Provident Fund Scheme and to swallow the crores of rupees deposited in employees provident fund account. Instead of pension from Provident Fund Scheme, the central government is trying to introduce some other pension scheme which is not beneficial. Central government is trying to privatise the Employees State Insurance Scheme, which is one of the best health beneficial scheme in the world. All the central governments from the past many years are very much silent regarding the year long demands of the working class of this nation such as amendment to Payment of Gratuity Act, abolition of wage ceiling regarding Payment of Bonus, minimum pension of Rs.5000-00 from PF scheme, nation wide common minimum wage of Rs.21,000-00, abolition of contract labour system and strict implementation of Equal Wages to Equal Work act for contract workers. Moreover, the central government is very much silent regarding introducing any plans for the industries and workers who are in distress due to the present economic situation As per the call given by the Joint Committee of Trade Unions, workers of Electronies City, Bommasandra, Attibele, Jigani, Veerasandra, Peenya, Nelamangala, Dabaspet industrial area in Bangalore, Bidadi industrial area in Ramnagar District, Narasapur industrial arca in Kolar District, Nanjangud industrial area in Mysore District will participate in this All India Strike on January, 8″, 2020 on the slogan of Save the Industries-Save the Workers. On 8-1-2010 workers wil take out a massive march from Minerva Circle to Raj Bhavan at 10 a.m. and a memorandum regarding demands of the All India Strike will be submitted to the Governor of Karnataka. We kindly request you to give adequate publicity in your esteemed media regarding this historic nationwide strike of the working class.


General Secretary

City Today News



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