Mother India Care is celebrating 31st National Road Safety Week

Mother India Care is celebrating 31st National Road Safety Week and this year it is being observed from 11th to 17th January nationwide by government, private sector civil society. The theme for this year national road safety week is “Bringing the change with youth power. Observing the week provides an opportunity to make road users realize the importance of road safety in life which is a very serious issue and very less attention is being paid. We are promoting our national and dream project “Road Safety is Life Safety with a noble goal of zero death and no serious injury in road crash in India. This is our dream project and this dream will come true on that day when all road users realize that “Road Safety is Life Safety. People realize the importance of road safety only after the tragedy of road crash * incident, not before that, not at all. Road Safety is a common and shared responsibility which needs involvement of all. Some stake holders are doing their bit on road safety during road safety week. Mother India Care is inviting all the stakeholders of road safety to collaborate, participate & contribute for awareness building, capacity building & actual implementation of road safety measures & management so at to make Indian roads safer. VFM Honda has accepted our combined effort invite call for road safety initiatives and activities. VFM motors is the only Automobile dealer in India who is having a practice / test track for two wheeler drivers. They conduct test on this track before releasing the 2 wheeler to ensure driving skill of two wheeler drivers. Mother India Care and VFM Honda are jointly conducting a week long safe riding contest event i.e. “Bangalore Safest Rider” (BSR) at Geddalahalli practice / test track which is situated on Hennur road at a distance of 12 Kms from MG Road. In this BSR contest event we are providing opportunity for 2 wheeler riders to improve their safe riding skill instead of over speeding and stunt showing on road. The winner of the “Bangalore Safest Rider” contest will be awarded with a cash prize and other special privileges. Participants will get certificate and special privileges. We will also be providing road users ranking to participants. During this NRSW Week we are conducting awareness campaigns & activities on road safety that includes road safety pledge signing, road safety training, road users journey assessment, road users ranking etc. We strongly feel that road safety activities should not be limited to a week long, it should be a constant process and Mother India Care is committed for that. Traffic congestion is increasing every day and incidents of road crash and road rage are also increasing and road users are dying on roads every day. Key stake holders should take on more responsibility to improve road safety standard. Media should do its bit to make all road users realize for the importance of road safety in life. Road users should start this new year with the 3 main things which are Love Safety, Marry Rules & Divorce Speed, and this safe riding contest has been included in the road safety activities to improve safe riding skills. We wholeheartedly appreciate and thanks our partners, supporters & volunteers for their contribution to our road safety initiatives. We also thank all the media persons for coming here and we are expecting media support to make all road users realize the importance of road safety in support of vision zero goal.

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