Equality through ‘Wequity’ for Women and Technology

– A Collaborative to Promote Women in Technology; Wequity Awards Instituted-

Wequity, a social impact company that drives gender equity for the technology ecosystem was launched in Bengaluru today. The company is founded by the voice of women-in-tech stalwart Geetha Kannan, and she is joined by seasoned industry professionals Divya Ravindranath and Abhinaya S Rao as founding team members. Wequity has a core digital offering and supporting in-person services that will deliver the best of networks, knowledge and growth resources to all women seeking to grow in the technology space, and all establishments that intend to enable them. As a first in the country, the company has instituted a set of five unique awards dedicated to women in technology role models, including male sponsors, called the Wequity Awards. Nominations are underway and can be applied at http://wequity.tech/home/apply.

Addressing media persons at the launch of Wequity, Geetha Kannan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wequity said, “We are driven by two principles namely equity and collaboration. Equity means catering to the different needs of people to get to a level place where equality can then apply. We take into consideration the different needs of technical women and technology organizations and provide tailored avenues for them to professionally grow. In order to have an impact, it is imperative that we consistently partner and holistically come together to achieve gender equality. So in everything we do, we operate in a collaborative mode with the women in tech community and their network supporters, which includes technology organizations and eventually academia, entrepreneurs and other ecosystem partners like ourselves.”

Divya Ravindranath, Chief Community Officer and Founding Member, Wequity said, “Our one-of-its-kind, all-encompassing digital platform provides continuous and customized engagement for the women in technology network. ‘Wequity.tech’ will be the first in the world to provide a safe and secure space for any woman to learn, network, explore, teach, mentor and grow through a community driven, self-sustaining model. The platform is only for women, technology organizations and ecosystem collaborators. It is member driven and offers a first level free service with subsequent staged membership options.”

“Wequity is a made in India company that wants to leverage the rich capability and potential we have, our country has some of the best stats in the world for women talent and STEM. Our offerings will focus on gaps in the industry and be curated to address these gaps. Continuous engagement and role models are two areas that drive our current services. Ultimately we want to move the needle far enough in our lifetime so that equality is a status quo for future generations” Geetha added.

Elaborating on the Wequity Awards for Women in Technology, Abhinaya S Rao, Chief Business Officer and Founding Member, Wequity said, “It is essential that we have more visibility of role models in the women-in-tech ecosystem, to inspire possibilities for growth and gender equity. The distinctive Wequity Awards will encourage, recognize and celebrate the achievements of technical women and their key enablers in the industry. These awards will be in two categories namely the ‘technology category and the ‘wequitism category’ Nominations will be open to companies across the country and will be evaluated by a niche panel of industry experts and leaders.

” The five Wequity awards will be the epitome of excellence and inspiration by pushing the bar higher and ensuring role models are made visible. The technical categories include Tech Beacon Award’ for a female technology leader who has influenced through outstanding technology contributions, the Tech Exemplar Award’ for a female technologist who has significant achievements and potential in her area of technical expertise, The Techinist Award’ for a female tech expert who has one or more technical patents through her innovative work. The Wequitism categories include The Equaliser’ for male sponsors (business or tech) whose voice and work has progressed women in technology, and the “Solidarity Idoľ for a female ally (business or tech) who goes out of her way to support women technologists to grow.

While women who join this community will get access to a wide range of resources and connections to boost their prospects, staying power and progress in the tech industry, any establishment which joins this community will get access to deep collaboration and multiple tools to support a more diverse tech workforce through hiring and inclusive actions.

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