Dog Show at Bangalore!!

The Bangalore Canine Club is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 49th, 50h & 51 (Princess Visalakshidevi of mysore memorial show) Grand All Breeds Championship Dog Shows on 25h & 26th January 2020 at Jayamahal Palace Hotel Bangalore- 46 timings would be 9.00am to 6.00pm respectively.

The Bangalore Canine Club’s Dog Shows will be held, with around 500 dogs from over 45 breeds participating. Some rare breeds that will be on display are Afghan hounds, Tibetan terrier, Maltese and Indian Breeds. As in the past, the Judges for these shows have been handpicked from the best in the World Ms Carmen Navarro Guisado (Spain), Ms.Louise Dorr (Australia) & Mr. Muneer Bin Jung from India.

A dog show is like a beauty contest for dogs. There are more than 300 registered breeds and each breed has a specified breed standard as per international norms. While judging, the Judge basically looks at how close to that breed standard each dog resembles. Judging will be on the basis of ‘conformation’, which means that the judge will award the dog that appears to be closest to the breed standard.

There are seven classes in each breed according to the age group among the winners of these classes; the judge will select the ‘Best of Breed’, and then the “Best of Group”. At the end of the day, all the Best of Groups assemble and amidst great excitement the judge will finally select the “Best in Show!”

In a bid to encourage ‘Bred in India’ dogs, there shall be a special prize for the Best in show Bred in India which will encourage the exhibitors to breed better dogs within the country.

The show will also witness junior handling competition wherein child handlers will exhibit their handling skills and walk away with the best Junior Handler’s prize. All Shows will be a visual feast with top dogs from all breeds participating. Be There!!!

– Ms.T.Preetham

(Hony Secretary) Bangalore Canine Club Office Shree Complex, 122, Mezzanine Floor, St John’s Road, Bangalore-560042 Please contact: 8884052806.

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